Catch a Break at AMS!

    INDEPENDENCE DRIVE plays on our stage!

    INDEPENDENCE DRIVE is a powerful trio of musicians melding melodic guitar rock with the polyrhythms of reggae and funk. The band consists of ‘twenty-somethings’ Ian Althouse (lead vocals, guitars), Wayne Cannon (bass) and Ryan Mangle (drums). The band is known for their live performances; from Althouse's melodic guitar work and steady vocals to Cannon's percussive, intricate basslines and starting with Mangle's articulate and precise drumming, the band has elevated their sound in the trio format (think The Police, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Sublime, Muse). This trio of performers really shine together with an obvious chemistry, each taking their own sonic ground and running with it. The sound of the band is instantly radio-friendly, but upon deeper listening, one can find the musicianship pulling from vast areas of multiple genres and styles... read more

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