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    Player's Dream Rig AMS Sales Specialist - Steven Tollakson | Dream Guitar Rig

    Steven TollaksonSteven was hooked the moment he picked up his first guitar 23 years ago and has since never looked back! In addition to his extensive playing experience, he has a background in retail music management, studied with repair technicians and luthiers, and has built, set-up, and custom-finished numerous guitars of his own. Steven currently plays guitar in two bands, “Iguana,” an original rock trio formed in 2002 and a Christian contemporary cover band that plays regularly every week. Familiar with the touring circuit, Steven has played the historic Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood, CA in addition to venues throughout the Midwest.

    AMS is excited to present the next installment of our Dream Rig series highlighting professional picks from our expert staff. AMS Sales Specialist and guitarist Steven Tollakson discusses his preferred choice of guitars, amps, microphones, and accessories that can be for original material or iconic covers in a variety of situations, no matter if you’re a guitar-wielding lead vocalist or screaming lead player!

    Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard T Electric Guitar

    The classic Les Paul “growl” is the perfect sound for my original band, whether I’m playing driving rhythm parts or letting the sustain of my solo tones ring out forever. The Gibson color and finish on this guitar look absolutely amazing!

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    PRS McCarty 594 Electric Guitar 10Top Charcoal Burst with Case

    With all of the different tonal options available, this 22-fret PRS is exactly what I need for my cover band. With super easy access to the upper frets and exciting sounds from their new pickups, this guitar would be ready to handle songs in any style or genre.

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    Marshall 2555X Silver Jubilee w/ 2551AV & 2551BV Cabs - Full Stack

    You cannot deny the incredibly beautiful sound of a Marshall amplifier, especially when paired with a Les Paul. The classic tone and incredible power of this combination is why I’d choose this Marshall full-stack as part of my dream setup.

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    Fender Mustang V 150 Watt Guitar Amplifier Head and matching Mustang V 4X12 V2 Cabinet

    I already have the smaller version of this amp and it is absolutely incredible for the price. The Fender Mustang V 150-watt amp head and Mustang V 4x12 cabinet would be perfect for my biggest gigs! This setup includes a four button footswitch to change my sound to whatever I need. This modeling amp has 100 different factory presets that you can customize to your liking. You can choose which amp model you want to use and include a bunch of effects like delay, reverb, compressor and more. Add in a Fender EXP1 Guitar Expression Pedal for control over effects like Wah, volume, and pitch modulation.

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    Shure GLX-D16 Digital Pedal Style Guitar Wireless System

    Finally, a wireless system that you don’t have to keep feeding batteries! This Shure stomp box-style system is rechargeable, fits into any pedal board, and also allows you to tune your guitar.

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    Shure BLX 288PG58 Dual Handheld Wireless Microphone System

    If you’re singing live with a wireless system, you have to go with the world-famous Shure 58! I love the way this microphone picks up your vocals and adds more color and clarity to the mix.

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    TC Helicon VoiceLive3 Extreme Vocal FX

    This Vocal FX processor will add flavor to your performances including harmonies, effects, and looping. You can even record everything you do and store your FX sequences. It’s super easy to use and I would have total control over my vocals at a live show.

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    Shure P3TRA215CL PSM300 Wireless In Ear Monitor System

    No more worrying about performing a show where you cannot hear yourself or have to rely on a sound engineer to constantly adjust your stage monitors. With this in-ear monitor system, all the power you need is close at hand. The sound is absolutely amazing!

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