Music Equipment Buyer's guide

    Drum Buyers Guide:

    Whether you're buying your first drum set or you're building a set that would make Neil Peart jealous, it's important to know which gear you'll need and the AMS Buyer's Guide will help you find it.

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    Advice for New Buyers

    As you search for your first drum set consider the following:

    Advice for New Buyers
    Images courtesy of: Drum Workshop Kitbuilder
      1. Price range.
    • Set an appropriate price range. You can sort your search results by price (Low to High or High to Low) in order to make your search easier.
      2. Size/age of the player.
    • Drum sets are available in numerous configurations and sizes so it’s important to find one that will be the best physical fit for you so consider your age and size. In order to properly play your drum set you have to be able to handle it comfortably. For young children there are junior size drum sets available that are scaled down for ages 5 to 7 years of age. For age 8 through teens the standard full size drums set are best.
      3. Style of music you want to play.
    • The style of music you play will require the right tool for the job. Identify your favorite bands and drummers and research the gear they use -the guy in the jazz trio most likely isn’t using the same gear as the guy in the metal band so choose a drum set that best fits the music. Four piece kits are great for jazz and rock and for gigging players while 5 piece kits can work for almost every situation in between. Go big with 6 and 7 piece sets which offer more possibilities for all drummers.