Hetfield Signature Guitars

A founding member of Metallica and the man behind their powerhouse rhythm guitar and trademark vocals, James Hetfield’s influence in the world of heavy metal ranks among the very highest in the genre’s history. Every detail surrounding the look, feel, and sound of his Signature LTD Electrics has been held to Hetfield’s exact specifications. The eye-catching Iron Cross, the aggressive Vulture, and the menacing Snakebyte are all loaded with his EMG JH Signature pickups ready to unleash a strong, blistering tone!

Hammett Signature Guitars

The skilled technique, searing solos and trademark guitar colors of Kirk Hammett’s lead playing is a huge reason why Metallica ascended to its legendary heights. A long-standing ESP artist, Hammett’s line of Signature LTD guitars are the perfect vehicle for powerful tones with quick handling necks, comfortable body designs, and scorching EMG active pickups. Sporting a taste for the menacing and macabre, Hammett didn’t hesitate to go with black hardware and custom body graphics to help these performance instruments make a visual statement that is truly worthy of a shredding soloist.