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    The Gear Pulse podcast is an interactive resource for musicians by musicians. Your home for information on the hottest new gear along with the 'tried and true' classics, Gear Pulse will also feature helpful tips and tricks on issues confronting every musician. Wide ranges of topics are discussed including instruments from guitars and basses to drums and keyboards in addition to recording and live sound equipment. A question and answer segment provides you a way to expand your audio knowledge and take your next performance or recording session to the next level. All this, along with interviews with AMS product technicians and gear manufacturers, is sure to make for a podcast suitable for any audiophile.

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    No you do not need to subscribe in order to hear our podcasts. You can listen online by streaming our podcasts we have available on this page, just double click the name of the podcast you wish to start, provided your computer has a sound card and can play MP3 audio files.

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    There are many reasons and advantages to subscribing to our podcasts. If you subscribe to our podcast feed, you will be instantly notified everytime we upload a new podcast. Also, subscribing or adding the url to your podcast software, like iTunes, you can then transfer our podcast to your mp3 player or phone and take Gear Pulse with you wherever you may go.

    Gear Pulse Episode 1 - The opening act
    Episode one features reviews of new products, including Brace digital wireless systems, the Zoom H4n, and the new line of Shure SM condenser microphones. Our Control Room segment offers insight on how to make your vocal tracks shine in a complex mix.

    Gear Pulse Episode 2 - The Dean Guitars Inquisition
    Episode two features a review of the Alesis USB Pro Electronic Drum Set along with an uncut interview with Dean Guitars product specialist Eric Stewart. This interview covers many of the hot new guitars from Dean and background of their namesakes.

    Gear Pulse Episode 3 - The Mail Bag
    In this episode we tackle your questions including how to incorporate a compressor into your guitar rig and the pros and cons of modifying a preamp with a different tube. We also cover the Boss GT10 along with the joys of an in-ear monitor rig for stage.

    Gear Pulse Episode 4 - Drumstravaganza
    Episode 4 begins with a trip into the mail bag once again to address a guitar signal path question from one of our listeners. Following the QandA, we dive head first into the drum world by focusing on recording and mixing techniques that help us achieve the drum sounds we are looking for.

    Gear Pulse Episode 5 - Interview with Remedy Drive
    In this episode I meet up with Philip, Paul, and Dan from the band Remedy Drive to discuss the success of their current album "Daylight is Coming" (Word/Warner Bros.) and what gear they have used through out their career. We also talk about Philip's current bass rig along with Paul's guitar signal chain that they use live and in the studio. Dan, the band's drummer, also stops by to talk about his favorite maple kit.