Aggressive Axes with Sweet Tone! Guitars with the sound you need and the look you want.

You’re looking for a guitar that commands the room and has a sense of style that matches your own driving intensity. AMS is just the place to find the ideal instrument you’ve been looking for! We’ve highlighted four brands that are the standard for hard-rocking, rebellious tone machines - Ibanez, ESP, Schecter, and Dean. These guitars sport intense body designs, colorful finishes, agile neck profiles, and are built to unleash the powerful tones you crave. Whether you’re looking for a striking six-string or want to go in the direction of a powerhouse metal axe with seven or more strings, these are the guitars for you! Be sure to take advantage of an AMS 0% interest monthly payment plan, which includes 8 and 12-pay eligibility on select instruments from these top brands!

ESP LTD GH-600 Gary Holt Electric Guitar
8 Payments of $131.13
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