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    Player's Dream Rig AMS Product Technician - Jay Grunke | Mobile Live Recording Rig

    Jay GrunkeJay is a classically trained musician / multi-instrumentalist with formal education in audio technology and a Bachelor’s Degree in music production, encompassing the recording arts and composition. He’s had the pleasure of performing and recording with many different groups, from blues and country to punk and metal, including a few of his own bands. Some of these collaborations have also allowed him the opportunity to perform at some of Minnesota’s coolest venues including Northrup Auditorium, First Ave, and the Target Center.

    If you’re a serious engineer, artist or band, having a versatile audio rig is a necessity these days. This small rig can basically fit in a single rack and covers live sound, live recording, and studio recording. One rack of gear can act as your live Front of House AND your studio’s front end - one rack to rule them all.

    PreSonus StudioLive RM32 AI Rack Mounted Digital Mixer

    Don’t let the “Live Sound” label fool you, the RM-series mixers from PreSonus can also double as a great front end for your home/mobile studio via Firewire 800. These mixers feature clean, transparent preamps with tons of headroom, built-in EQ, gating, and compression; in addition to 4 effects engines, 16 mix outputs, and exciting expansion cards that offer even more versatility – the very latest being the StudioLiveRM Dante card.

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    PreSonus CS18AI StudioLive RM Mix Controller

    While the RM32AI offers complete wireless control via the UC Surface app, the CS18AI is still a worthy addition that should be seriously considered for a number of reasons. If you’re still a “faders & knobs” fan, it offers full hands-on control of the RM mixers over AVB. Also, this unit integrates 100% with the Studio One DAW for full hands-on control of your mixes when you’re in the studio. Don’t use Studio One? Plans for third-party DAW support have been said to be in the works for future updates.

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    Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor

    I had the pleasure of hearing one of these beauties for the first time while tracking drums on a band’s EP. This compressor is so impressive and versatile you can use it on just about anything and get amazing results - from electric guitar to vocals. Get a stereo pair and run them across your drums buss; you won’t regret it.

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    Universal Audio LA 610 MKII Classic Tube Recording Channel Strip

    For the studio. The idea and purpose of a mic preamp/channel strip is to add some color and character to your sound. Whether it be a vocal, bass or acoustic guitar, the LA-610 can help you get that lush, organic sound your inner producer desires.

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    Odyssey FZGS1316WDLX Flight Zone Rack Case

    Now if you’re questioning how to transport all of these tools of sonic goodness, AMS and Odyssey have you covered. The Odyssey FZG1316WDLX Flight Zone Rack comfortably and securely fits this entire rig and then some! Further expand your setup or add some rack drawers to hold your mics, cables, and other accessories. It also includes a sliding platform for your laptop and a detachable lid that can be mounted as a table to either side of the case. This provides plenty of workspace to hold even more equipment, or doubles as a merchandise table - just right for displaying all of the band’s autographed CDs, posters, and shirts waiting to be sold to fans!

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    PreSonus StudioLive RM32 AI Rack Mounted Digital Mixer PreSonus CS18AI StudioLive RM Mix Controller Empirical Labs EL8 Distressor Compressor Universal Audio LA 610 MKII Classic Tube Recording Channel Strip Ampeg SCRDI Bass Preamp DI Box Pedal with Scrambler Overdrive