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    Featured Video - Pat Metheny On Tour with Bose L1
    With decades of live playing under his belt and a rigorous yearly touring schedule, critically acclaimed jazz musician, Pat Metheny knows how he wants to sound. After incorporating Bose L1® PA Systems into his live shows, Pat has found the sound he's been hearing in his head. This video testimonial describes how a friend introduced him to these versatile Bose Systems and the effect its had on his performances. For tour dates and info on Pat Metheny, visit

    Video - Cliff Goodwin - Playing better with the L1® System
    Cliff Goodwin is a long time professional musician most noted as the music director of the Joe Cocker Band from 1980 – 1992. In 2002 he was chosen to develop a musical group to launch the L1 system throughout the world. Goodwin was asked by Bose Chief Engineer Ken Jacob to speak at the L1 Users Conference regarding how to take maximum musical advantage of the L1 system. The premise was – Now that we can hear better . . . How can we play better?

    Customer Comments
    Rik from Juneau, AK
    I heard a guy singing outdoors and accompanying himself on guitar at the Seattle Center using the Bose L1 as his only amplification and was really knocked out by the sound quality. I don't know if Bose intended musicians to use this outside, but the spatial dispersion allowed his sound to float all around me so it did not appear to be pinpointed at the actual speaker array. A magical musical moment!

    R Thompson from Raleigh, NC
    I play in a 4-piece classic rock and blues ensemble. Bass, drums, two electric guitars, and 3 vocals. We replaced the monitor system and the FOH mains since purchasing the Bose. Before the Bose, we would often get comments about how tight we were as a band and compliments on a particular song. Now we get those, plus we get people telling us the overall sound of the band is the best they've heard in those club settings. The music is balanced with the vocals and the vocals are crisp and clear.

    Charlie from Ocean City, NJ
    I like how it sounds in our small church, it fills up all the space, where ever you move the sound is there.

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