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    Hardware refers to the metal components of the drum set including the bass drum pedal; stands, mounts and clutches which support the drums and cymbals; drum thrones; racks and accessories.

    Cymbal Stand Hi-Hat Stand Snare Stand Bass Pedal Drum Throne Drum Mount
    • In most cases drum sets will not include a drum throne.
    • Hardware can be single or double braced, light weight to heavy duty.
    • Drum Hardware Packages come with cymbal stands, hi-hat stands, snare stands and bass drum pedals


    HiHat Cymbols Crash Cymbols Ride Cymbols China Cymbols Splash Cymbols
    Most drum sets do not come with cymbals, so you'll have to identify the cymbals that fit the style of music you play. The most commonly used cymbals are the ride, hi-hat, crash, splash and China cymbal. There are many shapes, sizes and weights to choose from, and each creates a unique sound.

    Sheet cymbals are made from rolled sheets which are cut into discs, shaped and then hammered or lathed. They tend to be consistent in their sound and are available in pre-packed boxed sets or individually. Sheet cymbals are the most affordable option and they are great for beginners or students.

    Cast cymbals are made by smelting base metals into castings which are then heated, rolled, shaped, hammered and lathed. This process offers a wide range of sounds and colors.

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