Music Equipment Buyer's guide

    Drumsticks and Brushes

    Drum Stick Drum Stick Brush Drum Stick Brush Drum Stick Rod
    Drumsticks come in many sizes, lengths and dowel (handle) diameters. The most common sizes are (from widest to thinnest) 2B, 5B, 5A and 7A. Choose a stick that is comfortable for your hand and durable for your playing style.

    The tip of a drumstick is made of wood or nylon; wood has a natural softer sound on cymbals while nylon has more stick definition. The shape of the tip can be round, oval, acorn, or barrel-shaped.

    Brushes and specialty sticks (such as rods) can be used instead of traditional drum sticks for playing styles that require softer textures.

    Brushes require great technique. Brushes are telescoped or fixed with metal or plastic bristles which can be bent, looped or have ball ends.

    Rods are commonly used in low-volume settings. Rods are made of a group of small dowels (wood or plastic) that have been banded together.