Music Equipment Buyer's guide

    Electronic Drums

    Drum Stick Drum Stick Brush
    Electronic drums are set up similarly to acoustic drum sets but use rubber or mesh playing surfaces called trigger pads. Electronic drums feature a digital sound library capable of generating numerous drum and percussion sounds as well as sound effects.

    • Digital sound library
    • Low level of surface noise
    • Volume control when played through an amplifier or played through headphones
    • Create custom drum sets by shaping sounds
    • Easy to play along with and/or practice with a stereo or TV
    • Takes up less space than an acoustic drum set; great for both home and studio settings

    Acoustic Drum Triggers

    Drum Trigger
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    Drum triggers give players the ability to blend in hundreds of sounds while using an acoustic set. The sounds can be samples of the natural sound of each drum or a different drum set and sound effects.

    How do triggers work?

    Let’s say you own three snare drums. You can bring only Snare Drum 1 on a gig and use triggers to get the sound of Snare Drum 2 and Snare Drum 3 even though you left them at home.
    • Triggers are fastened to the rim of bass drums, snares and toms
    • Each trigger has a sensor that rests against the edge of the drum head
    • When the drum head is struck the resulting vibrations trigger the sensor, which sends a signal to the sound module
    • Triggers are touch sensitive; the sample produced by the sound module will have the same force you hit the drum with