Gibson Les Paul Buyer's Guide

    SG 2014 Buyer's Guide

    With a wide variety of models, the 2014 line up of Gibson SG guitars has something for every player. Starting off with the inexpensive SGJ and going all the way up to the SG Standard, we have the SG to fit your playing style and your pocketbook. As an authorized Gibson retailer, we are proud to offer a complete selection of these iconic instruments. After picking out your ideal SG, we make the purchasing process incredibly easy by offering payment options, free extended warranties, free shipping, friendly customer service and much more. Just click on the model below for even more detailed information on the guitar of your dreams.
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    Gibson Les Paul Buyer's Guide
    Gibson introduces the Min-ETune, a tuning system for everyone. The Min-ETune system is a compact battery powered tuning unit that is attached to the back of the guitars headstock. Easy to use and incredibly handy, the Min-ETune system can tune all of the strings with one push of a button and a strum of the strings. You can also adjust the tuning pegs manually if you so choose. Hardly visible from the front, this guitar looks the same, feels the same, plays the same and rocks the same – it’s just always in tune.