AMS Exclusive Interview with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

    AMS Exclusive Interview with Lzzy Hale of Halestorm

    We had a chance to talk with Lzzy Hale from the band Halestorm who is currently on a world tour promoting their latest album "The Strange Case of". We discuss Halestorm's rise to rock greatness and they gear they used to get there.

    What bands have influenced you over the years and have you had a chance to play with any of them?
    I grew up on my parents music, so my early influences were Black Sabbath (especially the Dio years), Van Halen, Alice Cooper, GNRThin Lizzy, Blue Oyster Cult, Pat Benatar etc..I had the utmost privilege to open for "Heaven and Hell" , we got to hang with Dio and the boys from Sabbath all night. We've performed with Alice Cooper at a number of festivals, and ive met him quite a few times. We opened up for Megadeth, and I've been able to speak with Pat Benatar over the phone. Oh! And tomorrow I get to sing with Slash! I've crossed quite a few off my bucket list!

    With all the success Halestorm has had recently, what's one of the most memorable moments you've had with the band?
    We, as a band, celebrate the low times as well as the high times. This biz is a roller coaster ride. So we make memories everyday...from our trips to Europe, to Japan, main stage at ROTR, touring all of the US, and making history by being the first female fronted band to reach number 1 on the active charts. All of this as well, as our struggle to make it as a professional band and get our music out there into the world. It's about the journey.

    What made you want to play Gibson guitars over another manufacturers?
    I love Gibson's because they don't feel like toys. The more you abuse them the better they sound. They also have a classic look I'm attracted to. I like to feel the vibrations in my pelvis. To play a Gibson is a sexual experience.

    You play a number of different Gibson guitar models. Do you have a favorite? If so, why?
    My favorite is my signature "Lzzy" Gibson explorer that the brilliant people at the company made me. It's one classy biotch! It's like that bad ass metal babe that'll rock you all night, but leave a nice love note in the morning.

    Do you have a favorite amplifier and/or effects you like to play on stage? Do you use the same rig in the studio?
    My two favorite amps right now are Marshall JCM 800 and the EVH's. That's what I'm using now, but in the studio I've used and experimented with just about everything from Diezels and Orange amps, to stripping it down completely and running through an old Fender Baseman or Pig Nose. As far effects go, I'm a minimalist. I like to depend on my amps, guitars and fingers. I have a Dunlop Jerry Cantrell wah for a lead or two, and an mxr line boost pedal. But that's it.

    What advice would you have for a band that's just starting out and wants to follow in your footsteps?
    The biggest step is to just get out there and start playing gigs. Stop sitting around and talking about it, just do it. And don't discriminate... Play ANYWHERE that people let you. Second step, after you start playing out don't be an asshole, be nice to everyone. 3rd, get your act together, practice and be a good band...know who you are and what you want before you venture into any agreement with label or mgt. And finally... Just don't break up! Out last them all!

    With as much touring as you guys do, when and where do you get time to write new material?
    It's hard to finish a record out on the road. You have to be resourceful. Nothing really is final until you're in a recording studio. So, what I do is write whenever and however possible, I record melodies and riffs into my phone or logic, and write all my ideas and lyrics down. I'm a gatherer, a collector of ideas. I'm also an observer, you can be inspired by anything, at anytime. So you have to be looking and listening always.

    What are your goals for the upcoming year?
    The goal is to just keep touring and building our empire! No sleep til Platinum, then still no sleep!

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