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    AMS Exclusive Interview with Slash

    We recently sat down with Slash to talk about his signature Les Paul's, the making of the first movie from his new production company Slasher Films, and the difference between making a rock record and a movie score.

    With all the success you¹ve had throughout the years, what would you say is the biggest contributing factor that led to your rise to greatness - other than your phenomenal guitar skills?
    Well, those are both pretty flattering compliments. But, I'd say the reason I've been around for so long, is my passion for what it is that I do. & not being put out by the work that it entails. It's all as exciting to me now as it was when I was 14; I seem to get more & more into it as the years go on.

    You've played many Gibson Les Pauls in your career. Is there one that stands out as being your favorite to play?
    Not really, whatever guitar I choose to be the one that is the workhorse for an entire tour, is the one that is my favorite to play. That changes from tour to tour. But that said, it's always some variation of a Les Paul standard. In the studio, it has always been my Derrig replica. But on the “Apocalyptic Love” record, my Derrig model was starting to become very temperamental with age. So I subbed her out with a Gibson AFD that I'd been using on the road & you really couldn't tell the difference. For the next record we'll see what happens.

    Tell us about your new signature Gibson model!
    The new Corsa Rosa AFD is identical to the old AFD in most respects. But it is red. Also, the red color varies from instrument to instrument. So no two are exactly alike. Since the original AFD's are all gone, we wanted to put out something that had the same specs for folks who couldn't get ahold of the original.

    How has your stage rig progressed throughout the years? Have you found that it has become more complicated or simpler?
    My rig has progressively gotten simpler. I've just found that less is more.

    We hear that your production company (Slasher Films) is working on a new film entitled "Nothing Left to Fear". How was scoring this movie different than producing a Slash album?
    The biggest difference between writing/recording for a band & writing for a movie for me, is that my imagination goes in a completely different direction when I'm writing for a movie. It's not a conscious thing that I set out to have happen. It's just the way it seems to go. It's much more broad minded & thematic then when I set out to make a rock n' roll record.

    What have you found to be the most challenging part to producing this film?
    Finding the financial resources to make the movie seem to be the biggest obstacle. That & finding a really good original story or script. That is not easy.

    With all the amazing collaborations you've done, are there any artists left on your bucket list (living or dead)?
    No, that has always been very loose; I've never had predetermined goals for collaborating outside of my own group or project. I like the spontaneity of hooking with different artists by chance. There are still scores of artists I've never played with that I would jump at the chance to record or jam with. But I won't jinx it by naming off a list.

    We heard you do an instrumental cover of The Godfather Theme on your tour a couple years back, do you have a favorite cover that you play live?
    We have been playing Led Zep's "Immigrant Song" on this tour. Which has been fun. I guess whatever song you enjoy playing at the moment is your favorite.

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