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Abasi Guitars is the brainchild of prolific guitarist, composer, and ‘Animals as Leaders' founder Tosin Abasi. Driven by a passion to explore new sonic frontiers with guitar in hand, Abasi and his team have been working tirelessly to research new instrument designs and explore new effects circuitry. The new Pathos Distortion Pedal combines the functionality of several boxes into one - that means anything from an extra nudge to an already-driven amp, a full-on distortion channel in front of a clean amp, or a boost in front of a digital modeler. Crafted in the USA by Abasi in conjunction with pedal icon Brian Wampler, Pathos is sure to bring a tasty palette of distortion flavors to your instrument rig.
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  • Discerning guitarists choose the Pathos distortion pedal for its smooth to sorching tones. Crafted in the USA by Tosin Abasi in conjunction with Brian Wampler, Pathos is the choice for any discriminating ...
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