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    Arturia Keylab 88 88 Key USB Keyboard Controller

    From  $799.00$799.00
    12 Payments of $66.59
    The KeyLab 88 is a professional-grade 88-note MIDI keyboard controller designed with the working musician in mind. Packed with the Analog Lab software, you get 5000 TAE® synthesizer presets from the greatest  ...
    Arturia KeyStep Keyboard Controller and Sequencer

    From  $119.00$119.00
    4 Payments of $29.75
    No credit check

    Arturia is redefining the portable keyboard experience with their musical tool, KeyStep! Combining the functionalities of a keyboard controller with a polyphonic step sequencer, the KeyStep allows you to control  ...
    Arturia BeatStep Pro USB/MIDI/CV Controller Sequencer

    From  $249.00$249.00
    5 Payments of $49.80
    BeatStep Pro is a world class controller and a dynamic performance sequencer that is unmatched in features and connectivity. Targeting both live musicians and producers, it offers a pure hands-on experience. The  ...
    Arturia AudioFuse USB Audio Interface

    From  $502.95$502.95
    12 Payments of $49.92
    The superior sound of high-end analog studio consoles with the flexibility of a solid mobile interface—with all the connectivity you need for any recording or performance. AudioFuse is built on a fully  ...
    Arturia V Collection 6 Software Instrument Suite

    From  $499.00$499.00
    8 Payments of $62.38
    An incredible sound with exciting new control, the V Collection 6 will provide any keyboard tone that you need for your music. Bringing together over 100 years of landmark keyboard instruments in one software  ...
    Arturia MatrixBrute Analog Matrix Synthesizer

    From  $1,999.00$1,999.00
    12 Payments of $166.59
    The most powerful analog monophonic synthesizer ever! An outstanding analog synthesizer, the MatrixBrute is as flexible as a modular system but offers presets. MatrixBrute is a dream machine for everyone  ...
    Arturia MicroBrute 25 Key Analog Synthesizer

    From  $299.00$299.00
    8 Payments of $37.38
    The Arturia MicroBrute 25-Key Analog Synthesizer is possibly the most powerful pound for pound analog synth available! Arturia packs the MicroBrute with mixable waveforms, a new sub oscillator design, famous  ...
    Arturia MiniBrute 25 Key Analog Synthesizer

    From  $329.00$329.00
    8 Payments of $41.13
    The Arturia MiniBrute 25 Key Analog Synthesizer is a revolutionary analog synthesizer featuring a pure analog signal path and a host of unique features. Its 100 percent analog audio signal path features a VCO wave  ...
    Arturia DrumBrute Analog Drum Machine

    From  $449.00$449.00
    8 Payments of $56.13
    The user-friendly DrumBrute allows you to create your perfect drum kit with 100% analog sounds. DrumBrute offers seventeen true analog sounds, unique performance effects, modern step sequencer, ease of use, and  ...
    Arturia Spark LE Creative Drum Machine

    From  $199.00$199.00
    4 Payments of $49.75
    No credit check

    Redefining The Drum Machine Take your beat creation to new levels with the newest hybrid instrument, Spark LE Creative Drum Machine from Arturia. By combining the amazing sounds, work flow and creative tools of  ...