Auralex Acoustics Studiofoam

There was a time when acoustic products were only reserved for a handful of institutions that could afford the extremely expensive custom builds and bulky, unwieldy installations. This was a time before Auralex Acoustics. Founded in 1977, they have made it their business from the start to produce quality, versatile, professional, and cost-effective acoustic treatment solutions for recording studios, creative venues, and hobbyist spaces. Great sound should be available to all - their foam tiles, wedges, and room kits can transform an area into an imaginative haven where you'll enjoy an extra layer of clean, authentic sound. Auralex also offers a wide range of stabilizing pads and platforms for monitor speakers, subwoofers, cabinets, and turntables that eliminate cascading vibrations and give you the accurate performance and clean sonic representation your audio requires.
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  • Auralex Studiofoam Absorbers reduce uncontrolled ambience and allow your ears and microphone to hear only the source, not what's bouncing off the walls and ceiling of your room! Uncontrolled reflected sound is ...
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