Bass Guitar Amps

Move some air and rattle the rafters. More than just bone-shakin' bottom end, today's Bass Amps deliver a full tonal range of tone to capture every note, every nuance, every accent, and each harmonic. Find the tone you crave and the power you need to create a flawless performance with a new bass amp from American Musical Supply.
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Get the power and versatility to tackle any venue and style! Thanks to 500 watts of thunderous Fender bass tone, the Rumble 500 V3 bass amp has the output to hold down the low end on any stage. Two 10-inch   ...
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The BUGERA VEYRON MOSFET satisfies your need for the utmost in unbridled horsepower. An ultra-compact and stylish bass amplifier, the impressive VEYRON MOSFET packs an incredible 2,000 Watts of lightweight,   ...
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When you need really righteous bass tone, look no further than the BUGERA BT210TS. An ultra-compact and lightweight 1,000-Watt bass cabinet, the BT210TS comes loaded with two earth-shaking, British-engineered   ...
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Professional tone with color coordinated backlit controls, the Transit B preamp pedal provides an intuitive control panel with easily adjusted knobs. With the Transit B, bassists effortlessly dial in their tone   ...
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The Ampeg PF800 Bass Amplifier Stack offers Ampegs Portaflex Series PF800 bass head stacked atop a ported PF410HLF and PF115LF extension cabs for a powerful bass stack with uncompromising tone. The PF800 has   ...
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