Bogner Amplification

Bogner Amplification
Journeying from Ulm, Germany to the bright lights of Los Angeles, California, Bogner Amplification is a builder of boutique-style guitar gear. Bogner effects pedals are all about carefully crafted hardware that emulates the sounds of legendary guitar amplifiers, all wrapped up in straightforward, no-nonsense designs that can sit comfortably on any pedalboard. How did these guitar pedals come to exist? It started with the fact that exploring, adventuring, researching, and tinkering are all part of founder Reinhold Bogner and partner Jorg Dorschner's natures. This laid the foundation for Bogner Amplification's creation in 1989 and subsequent growth. With extensive experience modifying rigs to building custom, hand-wired, one-off creations for some serious names in the music world (Eddie Van Halen and Allan Holdsworth, among others), everything was in place to break out in a big way. And break out they have - Bogner effects and gear are the choice of professionals from all different parts of the globe!
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  • All that glorious, transparent, amp-like overdrive and distortion from the original Blue pedal but in a much more compact format! When Bogner first distilled the Ecstasy amplifier’s blue channel into a ...
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