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    DJ Gear

    Pioneer DDJSZ2 Professional DJ Controller

    From  $1,999.00$1,999.00
    12 Payments of $166.59
    The Pioneer DDJ-SZ2 controller is the ultimate DJ tool, a four-channel powerhouse ready for any performance venue! Every aspect of this forward-thinking Serato DJ controller has been designed and built to produce  ...
    Pioneer DDJSX2 Professional DJ Controller

    From  $999.00$999.00
    12 Payments of $83.25
    An ideal blend of tremendous power and incredible value, the Pioneer DDJ-SX2 stands tall as one of the most popular DJ controllers in the world! Built especially for the Serato digital DJ software platform, the  ...
    Pioneer DJ DDJSR2 Professional DJ Controller

    From  $699.00$699.00
    12 Payments of $58.25
    With the push of a button, the DDJ-SR2 allows you to control Serato DJ with dedicated key controls. This 2-channel controller takes after Pioneer's professional DJ gear with multi-colored Performance Pads and a  ...
    Pioneer DJMS9 Professional DJ Mixer

    From  $1,699.00$1,699.00
    12 Payments of $141.59
    Attention DJs: Gear up for battle with the Pioneer DJM-S9 Mixer Channel the energy of throwback turntable and CDJ battles, all while incorporating the freshest DJ technologies such as performance touchpads,  ...
    Mixars DUO MKII Professional DJ Mixer for Serato

    From  $699.99$699.99
    12 Payments of $58.34
    The Mixars DUO MKII is an update to the popular DUO two channel Serato DJ mixer. It features the all new Galileo Essential crossfader exclusively designed in collaboration with Pro X Fade. Made in Japan, this  ...
    Pioneer DJM900NXS2 Professional DJ Mixer

    From  $2,199.00$2,199.00
    12 Payments of $183.25
    Long recognized as one of the leaders in DJ gear, Pioneer continues the trend with the feature-rich DJM-900NXS2. This versatile professional DJ mixer combines studio-quality sound with creative flexibility,  ...
    Pioneer DJMS9 DJ Mixer with Gator Case and PLX1000 Turntable Pair

    From  $3,196.99$3,196.99
    12 Payments of $266.42
    Meet the lean and mean DJM-S9, Pioneer’s first two-channel battle mixer for Serato DJ. The fully customizable Magvel Pro crossfader, tactile performance pads and FX buttons let you tailor the mixer according  ...
    Numark CD DJ Package with CD players Mixer Cables and Headphones

    From  $599.97$599.97
    12 Payments of $50.00
    The very definition of versatile NDX500 is a USB/CD media player and software controller that lets you DJ with your entire media library—anywhere. Combining comprehensive standalone functionality with deep  ...
    Gemini MIX2GO Portable DJ System

    From  $219.95$219.95
    3 Payments of $75.00
    No credit check

    MIX2GO is the ultimate take anywhere DJ system! Bring the party anywhere, connect your favorite device, and dance the night away. Play. Mix, and party like a DJ from virtually any device anywhere you want!  ...
    Pioneer CDJ2000NXS2 Professional Wireless Multi Player

    From  $2,199.00$2,199.00
    12 Payments of $183.25
    With the CDJ-2000NXS2, Pioneer Pro DJ has created a performance playback powerhouse that places the latest advancements and premier technologies in service to your audio artistry. But calling it simply a  ...
    Pioneer DJ XDJRX2 Professional DJ System

    From  $1,699.00$1,699.00
    12 Payments of $141.59
    To take your DJ performance to the next level, the XDJ-RX2 builds on the success of Pioneer's most popular all-in-one DJ system, the XDJ-RX. The XDJ-RX2 is a two-deck, two-channel system inherits features and  ...
    Pioneer XDJ1000MK2 Professional DJ Multiplayer

    From  $1,199.00$1,199.00
    12 Payments of $99.92
    On its own, as the foundation of your fledgling dream rig, or as the latest addition to any professional DJ setup - the Pioneer XDJ-1000MK2 Multiplayer has what it takes to get the job done! Part of a proud  ...
    Pioneer PLX1000 Professional Direct Drive Turntable

    From  $699.00$699.00
    12 Payments of $58.25
    The DJ quality PLX-1000 direct drive analog turntable is designed for DJs who enjoy the look, feel, and performance of vinyl for music playback. The model offers a highly familiar, user-friendly control layout,  ...
    Audio-Technica ATLP1240USB Direct Drive Professional USB Turntable

    From  $449.00$449.00
    8 Payments of $56.13
    For DJs who require the finest in professional feel, sound and features, look no further than the Audio-Technica AT-LP1240-USB Direct Drive DJ Turntable ! Its sleek, elegant design fits into any system, and its  ...
    Pioneer PLX500K Direct Drive Turntable

    From  $295.95$295.95
    8 Payments of $43.63
    Go vinyl with the PLX-500 which produces a warm, clear analog sound plus it inherits the intuitive layout of the PLX-1000 professional turntable. The perfect deck if you want to start playing with vinyl or if you  ...
    Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Audio 6 Digital DJ System

    From  $299.00$299.00
    8 Payments of $37.38
    Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Audio 6 is the straight-up, no-nonsense digital vinyl system for spinning MP3s using super-tight vinyl and CD control. With the innovative Remix Decks to re-arrange track parts  ...
    Pioneer DJ INTERFACE 2 2 Channel Audio Interface for DVS

    From  $299.00$299.00
    8 Payments of $37.38
    The INTERFACE 2 from Pioneer opens up rekordbox dvs to anyone, anywhere! This 2-channel audio interface allows you to scratch and control the music from your rekordbox library using your own preferred DJ  ...
    Lighting Effects(92)   |   Stage Lights(119)   |   Laser Lights(8)   |  
    Chauvet GigBar 2 Lighting Effect System

    From  $449.99$449.99
    12 Payments of $75.00
    Compact, easy to use, and offering you the ability to significantly upgrade your live performances, the Chauvet GigBAR 2 Lighting Effect System is the obvious choice when looking for an affordable way to add some  ...
    ADJ Mega Flat Pak 8 Plus Stage Lighting System

    From  $649.99$649.99
    12 Payments of $54.17
    The ADJ Mega Flat Pak 8 Plus stage lighting system from American DJ is the perfect all-in-one lighting solution for bands, DJs, and other mobile entertainers, packing powerful, energy-efficient LED lights into a  ...
    Chauvet DJ Intimidator Spot 355 IRC Effect Light

    From  $799.99$799.99
    12 Payments of $66.67
    A feature-packed moving head spot, the Intimidator Spot 355 IRC has a rotating 3-facet prism that can split the beam to expand the coverage area while the manual zoom can increase the throw distance. The  ...
    VocoPro Gig Star Professional CD Karaoke System

    From  $329.00$329.00
    8 Payments of $41.13
    The VocoPro Gig Star CD Karaoke System is perfect for live karaoke gigs, portable use, and home entertainment. Featuring an efficient 4 speaker system powered by 100 watts, the VocoPro Gig Star will meet all  ...
    VocoPro KJ7808RV Karaoke Video and DJ Mixer

    From  $381.95$381.95
    8 Payments of $62.38
    The  VocoPro KJ7808RV Karaoke Video and DJ Mixer is a professional karaoke mixer with DSP, key control and crossfader video toggle. Whether you are entertaining or performing the VocoPro KJ7808RV mixer offers  ...
    VocoPro DVX890K Multi Format DVD/DivX Karaoke Player

    From  $134.95$134.95
    3 Payments of $53.00
    No credit check

    The VocoPro DVX890K Multi-Format DVD/DivX Karaoke Player is more than just a vocal player, it's the next generation in digital audio and video jukebox technology. DivX allows you to store hundreds of DivX  ...
    Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station DJ Effects Controller

    From  $719.95$719.95
    12 Payments of $66.59
    The Pioneer RMX1000 Remix Station Performance DJ Controller is an innovative technologically advanced device for enhancing DJ performances with its ability to create and add a variety of unique remix effects, as  ...
    Pioneer RMX500 Remix Station DJ Effects Controller

    From  $399.00$399.00
    8 Payments of $49.88
    The Pioneer Remix Station 500 offers three effect sections, Rhythm FX, Scene FX and Release FX, for simple musical arrangements and features the industry’s first ‘Pressure Controller’ knobs,  ...
    Korg KP3 Plus Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler

    From  $349.99$349.99
    8 Payments of $43.75
    The Korg KP3 Plus Kaoss Pad Dynamic Effects Sampler takes the incredible effects combinations of the previous model to the next level! 150 effects, including 42 all new types, are available for your sonic  ...
    Novopro SDX V2 DJ Booth

    From  $549.99$549.99
    8 Payments of $68.75
    Designed and engineered by working performers, the Novopro SDX DJ booth is the most practical and versatile entertainment booth in the market. Manufactured in a tough and durable, powder coated steel finish with  ...
    Novopro SDX Lite Foldable DJ Booth

    From  $349.99$349.99
    8 Payments of $43.75
    The Novopro SDX-LITE is a portable DJ booth that folds down and includes bags for easy storage and transportation. The booth is made up of four powder coated steel frames and white scrim panels, and two carpet  ...
    Odyssey CTBC2048 Height Adjustable DJ Table

    From  $139.99$139.99
    3 Payments of $46.67
    No credit check

    Use the elegant CTBC2048 DJ table which features a clean carpeted design work surface to set up your system or music. This classic series Odyssey DJ table measures 48 inches wide and 20 inches deep and comes with  ...
    Ortofon Concorde Scratch DJ Turntable Cartridge

    From  $234.95$234.95
    3 Payments of $78.32
    No credit check

    Ortofon Concorde Scratch DJ Turntable Cartridge features a reinforced rubber suspension; DJs need not worry about compromising sound quality and stylus life when working with higher tracking forces. With solid  ...
    Shure M44-7 DJ Turntable Cartridge

    From  $79.00$79.00
    3 Payments of $26.34
    No credit check

    The Shure M44-7 Phono Cartridge, recently revived exactly the same as the original, is a legendary battle needle offering ultra-high skip resistance and ultra-high output. The M44-7 is the needle of choice for  ...
    Ortofon Concorde Q.Bert DJ Turntable Cartridge

    From  $137.99$137.99
    3 Payments of $46.00
    No credit check

    Co-developed by one of the most legendary DJs of all time, the Ortofon Q.Bert provides unsurpassed handling, high output voltage, and low wear characteristics that literally put it in a class of its own.  ...
    Ortofon DJ S Spherical DJ Stylus

    From  $52.95$52.95
    3 Payments of $17.65
    No credit check

    This is a workhorse. Ideal for scratch and back cuing. Mounted with spherical diamond. Extraordinary rigidity with a special developed reinforced cantilever.  ...
    Pioneer PCHS01 Replacement Headshell

    From  $29.00$29.00
    Available in different colors, the PC-HS01 headshell allows you to choose the right color to complement your setup. Or use the colors to differentiate between your weight, cartridge and stylus preferences; for  ...
    Ortofon Pro S Spherical DJ Stylus

    From  $31.95$31.95
    The Ortofon Pro S Black Spherical Stylus is a wide, low ware replacement that provides durability under demanding conditions. Designed for the Ortofon Concorde Pro S and OM Pro S cartridges, this stylus features a  ...
    ART DJPREII Phono Preamplifier

    From  $38.95$38.95
    3 Payments of $16.34
    No credit check

    The ART DJ Pre II should be in every DJ's gig box! Vinyl records have drawbacks. Bass compensation can be needed during playback. Records produce a certain amount of hiss, and magnetic cartridges produce a weak  ...
    Behringer PP400 Ultra Compact Phono Preamp

    From  $24.99$24.99
    In the age of the MP3, it can be easy to forget that a turntable signal needs a little help before it reaches a mixer or home stereo if it's going to be heard. Thanks to the PP400 phono preamp, your turntable will  ...
    Pioneer DDJ-SX / SX2 DJ Controller Glide Style Case

    From  $319.99$319.99
    8 Payments of $40.00
    Odyssey presents the Flight Zone FZGSPIDDJSX2 case featuring a patented Glide Style laptop platform, and now with a 1U 19' rack mount space below the controller space perfect for rack mount gear such as wireless  ...
    Pioneer DJCFLTSZ Flight Case for DDJSZ Controller

    From  $379.00$379.00
    8 Payments of $47.38
    Pioneer DJ now offers the best way to transport and protect the extremely popular DDJ-SZ2 or DDJ-SZ controllers with its DJC-FLTSZ “Black Label” Signature Series ATA Flight Case. Made by Odyssey,  ...
    Gator GTOURDSPDDJSX Road Case for Pioneer DDJ-SX With Sliding Platform

    From  $289.99$289.99
    5 Payments of $58.00
    Gator G-TOUR Road Case Custom Fit for Pioneer DDJ-RX/SX/SX2 Controller with Sliding Laptop Platform. Gator G-TOUR DSP Case for Pioneer DDJSX Controller Features: Tour Style Case Designed to fit the  ...
    Serato DJ Suite Software

    From  $299.00$299.00
    8 Payments of $37.38
    Serato Suite contains licenses for Serato DJ and all of the available expansion packs: Serato Video (cut, mix, and scratch video), Pitch 'N Time DJ (the industry standard key-lock, and also enabled key-shifting  ...
    Serato Sample Software

    From  $99.00$99.00
    3 Payments of $33.00
    No credit check

    A powerful and intuitive new Sampler plugin for producers that allows you to quickly find, chop, key shift and time-stretch samples. Sample has the world-famous Serato Pitch ‘n Time algorithm built-in,  ...
    Serato DJ Software

    From  $99.00$99.00
    3 Payments of $33.00
    No credit check

    The industry leader, Serato, brings you the award winning Serato DJ software used by professionals across the globe. Serato has developed easy to use software with rock solid stability. The innovative Serato DJ is  ...