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Dean is a company "of musicians, for musicians" and their passion is reflected in everything they build. Beginning with guitars featuring the iconic "Wings" headstock and continuing through Dean's line of acoustics, basses, and bluegrass instruments, they offer unparalleled selection! All instruments go through an exhaustive review process to assure quality. Most of all, Dean is about the music - their legacy of serving some of the greatest names in music translates into producing some of the greatest guitars...for you.
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A reproduction of Dime’s very own, the Dimebag from Hell CFH features the legendary lightning bolts to the blue finish just as it appears on the cover of Cowboys From Hell. The Dean From Hell is constructed   ...
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There’s simply nothing else that sounds like a 12-string bass! Taking the concept of an 8-string bass one step further, the Dean Rhapsody 12 features 4 groups of 3 strings for incredibly dynamic tone   ...
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Featuring a mahogany body, mahogany neck, and Remo head, this mini Backwoods banjo is great for traveling or for smaller players looking to get into a better-fitting instrument. This banjo comes standard with a   ...
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Dave Mustaine named his signature acoustic-electric guitar 'Mako' because of its shark gill-shaped soundhole, dorsal fin-shaped bridge, and shark's teeth pearl inlays. The soundhole provides plenty of projection   ...
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As the name suggests, this lightweight case was designed to fit Dean acoustic guitars (Exotica, Exhibition, Tradition, Natural Series Dreadnoughts). It has both a carry handle and a shoulder strap, as well as an   ...
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