Guitarists can find DiMarzio pickups at American Musical Supply and discover their new sound! DiMarzio DP 417 pickups let telecaster players have the opportunity to cancel out the hum from their instruments, and get the clear and clean twang they seek from their teles. This DiMarzio Area pickup does nothing to take away from the sound quality or power of the guitar's vintage sound. From Metal in the 70's and 80's to Iron Maiden and Ace Frehley today, DiMarzio Super Distortion Humbucker Pickups specialize in bringing back the low end a tremolo can thin out. Guitarists can get vintage humbucking sound with DiMarzio PAF Humbuckers on their solid or hollowbody guitars. Don't worry about constantly changing the battery on active pickups with a DiMarzio D Activator Humbucker Bridge. With AMS' 45-day money back guarantee musicians always get the lowest prices!
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This is the pickup that started it all. Many of the classic Rock guitar sounds of the '70's and '80's were produced by a Super Distortion and a raging tube amp. But don't confuse classic with outdated. Diverse   ...
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DiMarzio DP136 Super Natural Plus Acoustic Guitar Pickup provides a natural sound to amplified acoustics The Super Natural Plus is just what it's name implies--it goes beyond ordinary-sounding pickups with   ...
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The Dimarzio DD2200 Cliplock guitar strap is by far on of strongest and most durable guitar straps on the market today. Designed specifically for musicians looking for incredible comfort and security. If you have   ...
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