GaffTech Tape for Cables

Gaff Tech
Are you sick and tired of applying gaffer's tape by hand? Join the thousands of people who use the GaffGun™ to gather cables and lay tape over them quickly and easily. This tool is a huge time-saver for musicians, stage managers, AV companies, schools, hotels, convention centers, warehouses, and many others who need to secure cables and mark off areas - simply choose the right size CableGuide for the size and number of cables you are taping and you'll be ready to go! The Seattle, Washington-based GaffTech also offers a full lineup of floor tapes for use directly with the GaffGun™, so all of your taping needs are covered.
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  • GT Pro is a high strength premium gaffer’s tape for professional uses. Being a very low sheen, coated cloth tape with a synthetic rubber-based adhesive, GT Pro is highly conformable, and is both hand ...
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  • GT Mask is compatible for use on lacquer or polyurethane-coated surfaces, unfinished wood, wallpaper, and new, unpainted, or freshly painted wallboard. GT Mask should be used wherever masking will be exposed to ...
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    Price: $15.00
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    $3.99 - $8.99
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  • GaffTech GT Dance™ is a premium vinyl floor tape designed for safety marking and for splicing together dance floors. GaffTech T16 GT Dance Tape Features Used to splice dance floors Highly ...
    Price: $12.50
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    $5.99 - $7.99
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  • Wherever a utility tape product is needed or desired, GT Duct tape is the answer. GT Duct is a premium cloth duct tape with a high tack and low residue. GT Duct provides a great lower-cost solution when taping ...
    Price: $18.00
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