Gibson Southern Jumbo Guitars

Gibson Southern Jumbo
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  • Gibson’s 1942 Banner Southern Jumbo Acoustic is an amazing addition to any guitarist’s collection. With the classic, vintage Sunburst finish and the legendary craftsmanship of Gibson’s Custom Shop ...
    $6,799.00      $6,799.00
    18 Payments of $222.23 plus 2,799.00 down.
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  • The Southern Jumbo is renowned for its proficiency to belt out country rhythms or acoustic blues leads. Original examples are among the most prized war-era flat-tops in today’s vintage market. This new ...
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    $3,499.00      $3,499.00
    18 Payments of $194.39
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  • A throwback to an era of some of the finest acoustic guitars ever produced! The Custom Shop Historic Reissue 1942 Banner Southern Jumbo features the vibe of a vintage Gibson Acoustic. The Thermally Aged Adirondack ...
    $5,299.00      $5,299.00
    18 Payments of $222.23 plus 1,299.00 down.
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