Hartke HDHM500 Electric Bass Guitar Combo 2x10 500 Watts
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Hartke is known for their legendary bass amps which produce a blend of warmth and attack. Hartke designs their amps so bassists sound their best for every performance. For serious tone, choose the Harke HD500 bass   ...
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Hartke LH1000 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head
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The LH1000 has a classic 12AX7 Class-A tube front-end design with a solid-state output. Trick out the Treble and Bass Shelving to give its warm tone a little edge, or use the brite and limiter switches to further   ...
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Hartke Hydrive HD Bass Cabinet 4x10in 1000 Watts 8 Ohms
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Unrivaled in sound, the HyDrive HD410 provides depth and clarity to your tone. With the HD410 every note of your music has definition with punch as well as the natural overtones. The double-roll curvilinear   ...
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Hartke Bass Attack 2 Bass Preamp/Direct Box with Overdrive
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The ultra-clean Bass Attack 2 features Hartke's legendary Shape EQ, Contour and Overdrive effect. Combining Hartke's classic preamp/direct box circuitry into a rugged, zinc die cast stompbox-style design, the Bass   ...
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