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American Musical Supply is your stop for the best instrument cables in the business! Your instrument needs to sound its best and sound consistent when you plug in, so don't settle for no-names from unreliable third parties. 1/4 inch TS (tip-sleeve) instrument cables are absolute necessities for any musician or live sound technician. Make sure you have plenty of them on hand - American Musical Supply is stocked with sturdy, reliable 1/4 inch instrument cables of different lengths and designs (standard, braided, coiled) ranging up to 25 feet long. This includes guitar cables, bass cables, and cables that can be used with keyboards, synths, drum machines, samplers, and other audio hardware. We also carry a wide variety of small patch cables (from six inches to two feet long) for connecting and chaining your effects pedals - flat, low-profile, and right-angle configurations are all available!
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  • The Mogami Platinum cable preserves the character of your performance. Mogami instrument cables are built to be quiet when handled and tough enough to withstand daily use. Designing and building instrument cable ...
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  • Enhance the sonic bite and character of your electric guitar. Monster Prolink Rock guitar cable’s advanced coaxial design preserves fast transients, clean highs, and vivid harmonics. Patented multiple gauge ...
    Rating   4.5 out of 5 stars. 5 ratings.
    Non-Factory Sealed
    Price: $64.99
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