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    Alesis DM8 Pro Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set

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    Product Description

    The Alesis DM8 Pro Kit features high quality sounds, feel, looks and durability all at a perfect price. The DM8 Pro Kit features the barrier-shattering DM8 high-definition drum module with mind blowing samples. The DM8 module shares the top-of-the-line DM10’s module's essential architecture, including playback of genuine recordings of real drums and cymbals and advanced Dynamic Articulation multi-samples.
    Alesis DM8 Pro Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set Features

    • DM8 high-definition drum module with over 750 Dynamic Articulation sounds
    • RealHead 8, 10, and 12 inch drum pads with tension-adjustable drumheads
    • 12 inch dual-zone Snare, 8, 10, and 12 inch Toms, and 8 inch Kick, which works with single and double pedals (sold separately)
    • DMPad 12, 14, and 16 inch multi-zone cymbal pads with natural motion
    • 16 inch 3-zone Ride with choke, 14 inch Crash with choke, 12 inch Hi-Hat with RealHat continuous pedal
    • StageRack with four-post design, integrated cymbal booms and wingbolt-adjustable clamps
    • StageRack comes with convertible boom/straight cymbal arms, mounted in the downtubes
    • Premium instrument library multi-sampled from real drums and cymbals
    • Play along with tracks and record yourself with the three-part sequencer
    • Mix input for practicing with external music players
    • USB-enabled for tracking and programming with virtually all music software
    You'll find the DM8 to be packed with over 750 first-call studio and live drums and cymbals, dozens of play-along tracks, and an advanced metronome for practice and performance. The DM8 features professional audio and trigger inputs and outputs including USB MIDI for expansive flexibility and connection to a wide range of sounds and controllers.

    It's an ultra-compact module, which means integrating components of the DM8 Pro Kit – or the entire setup – into acoustic drum setups and percussion rigs is easy and comfortable. Imagine adding electronic, percussion, and rare, ethnic sounds without giving up the organic, primal power of an acoustic set.

    Never before has so much power been offered in a drum module this compact, at such an affordable price.

    Perfect Feel
    One of the most important factors that makes an electronic kit feel great is the relationship between the sizes of the drum and cymbal pads. You see, as drummers, our muscle memory and brains are programmed to expect drums to get bigger as you move down the toms, for example. Your hands expect the ride to feel a certain way as you play it. The DM8 Pro Kit is designed to provide you with the most accurate, natural size and space relationships of any electronic kit.

    The DM8 Pro Kit is the first electronic drumset with 16-inch Ride and 14-inch Crash cymbal pads, and it’s also Alesis’ first kit with large, 12-inch snare and floor-tom pads. The DM8 Pro Kit features Alesis’ RealHead drum pads and DMPad Cymbals.

    RealHead pads feature real, tension-adjustable drumheads and real triple-flanged counterhoops for the feel you demand. You get a 12-inch snare, 8, 10, and 12-inch toms, and a kick pad that accommodates single and double pedals. If you need to quiet the rims’ sound, the kit includes a set of optional rubber rim mutes. RealHead snare and tom pads mount on standard 10.5mm L-rods with low-slip, knurled mounting surfaces. You can use virtually any single or double kick pedal with the RealHead Kick Pad for the pedal feel you prefer.

    The DM8 Pro Kit includes low-noise DMPad Cymbals. The kit comes with a 12-inch DMPad Hi-Hat, a large 14-inch DMPad Crash with choke, and an industry-first 16-inch triple-zone DMPad Ride with choke. DMPad Cymbals provide a rubberized playing surface for a great balance between natural cymbal feel and low stick-on-pad sound. The Ride and Crash cymbal feature large choke triggers on the undersides for accurate cymbal control. The DMPad Ride also features multi-zone triggering on the bell, face and edge. The DMPad Hi-Hat Cymbal and RealHat Pedal give you continuously variable control from wide open to tightly closed, plus chick and heel splash.

    Perfect Looks
    Everyone knows it can be tough to be seen on stage when you’re a drummer. You’re in the back, usually with no lights. And forget about being able to dance. That’s why our designers took great pains to make the DM8 Pro Kit look as great as it feels and sounds. You’ll notice the sleek lines of the DM8, bathed in Raw Aluminum painted finish, which just might match your MacBook Pro, iPad, iPod, or iPhone.

    Besides the stunning DM8 module, a minimalistic chrome-and-black motif runs throughout the kit. Large Alesis logos on the audience side of the kick pad and on the underside of the cymbals set you apart from the crowd on stage, and logos on each drumhead and cymbal pad face the player for the overhead camera to pick up!

    Perfect Durability
    Drummers know that hardware can make or break a kit. If you check out old footage of Ringo or Buddy, you’ll see their stands flexing and flopping, and the drummer or their drum tech chasing walking hi-hat stands. That’s why Alesis carefully considered every element in designing the DM8 Pro Kit’s StageRack.

    This rugged, four-post rack features 1 1/2-inch metal tubes for universal compatibility and sturdiness. The clamps on the StageRack adjust with large wingscrews for easy, tool-less adjustments with no drumkey needed. And boom/straight-convertible cymbal arms mount in the vertical rack down-tubes for optimum flexibility in cymbal positioning.

    This rugged rack is built for durability and stability – from the ground up.

    Product Specifications
    Alesis DM8 Pro Kit 5-Piece Electronic Drum Set Includes
    • 1 x DM8 drum module
    • 2 x RealHead 12 inch drum pads
    • 1 x RealHead 10 inch drum pad
    • 1 x RealHead 8 inch drum pad
    • 1 x RealHead kick pad
    • 1 x DMPad 12 inch Hi-Hat cymbal
    • 1 x DMPad 14 inch Crash cymbal
    • 1 x DMPad 16 inch Ride cymbal
    • 1 x RealHat Pedal continuous hi-hat control pedal
    • 1 x StageRack with clamps and boom cymbal arms
    • 1 x Cable snake with cable collars
    • 1 x Drumkey
    • 1 x Power supply
    • 1 x DM8 User Manual
    • 1 x Setup Guide

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  401-658-5760 Warranty:  1 Year
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