Alesis Fusion 8HD 88 Key Synthesizer Sampler Keyboard

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    Product Description

    The Alesis Fusion 8HD Workstation Keyboard is a true powerhouse containing four synthesizers, an eight-channel hard disk recorder, built-in sampler, effects processor and expandable RAM possibilities, all offered in one sleek package.
    Powered by a Coldfire processor surrounded by seven high-performance DSPs, the Fusion is the only synth workstation with integrated 8-channel 24-bit recording capability. Available in two models - the 61 note semi-weighted 6HD and the full sized 88-note fully-weighted 8HD - this production center is ideal for the professional project studio or live performance applications.

    The Alesis Fusion series is the only workstation of its kind that can save and load programs off of a hard disk (or the removable Compact Flash memory), so users can store sounds on the internal disk and always have their programs available. Users never have to load samples off a slow CD-ROM or floppy disk again.

    Additional features include; direct CD-R burning (an option), fully assignable buttons and 360- degree knobs for total control of synth parameters, 32 track MIDI sequencer, fully programmable arpeggiator and internal memory expandable from 64MB to 192MB.

    Alesis Fusion 8HD Features

    • 88 Note Fully Weighted Keyboard Workstation
    • Four integrated synthesis types: Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM, and Physical Modeling
    • Full synth workstation with 8 track 24-bit hard disk recording
    • High-definition 24-bit sampler with comprehensive waveform editing with internal memory expandable from 64MB to 192MB
    • 32 Track MIDI sequencer built in with integrated multi-channel digital audio playback
    • The only workstation of its kind that can save and load programs off of a hard disk (or the removable Compact Flash memory), by storing all your sounds on the internal disk and always having your programs available to you. You’ll never have to load samples off a slow CD-ROM or floppy-disk again!
    • Onboard grand piano based on acclaimed “Holy Grail Piano,” by Q Up Arts
    • Storage options include built-in 80 gig hard disk, USB 2.0, Compact flash, and the optional external Fusion drive CD-R, DVD storage and/or external hard disk*
    • Multi-channel input and output options in both analog and digital (S/PDIF and ADAT Lightpipe)
    • Fully assignable buttons and 360° knobs for hands-on control of synth parameters (or control of external gear through MIDI)
    • Fully programmable arpeggiator with standard, phrase, and drum machine playback
    • Large 240x128 backlit LCD

    Fusion OS v1.03
    Hundreds of new program sounds, mixes and arpeggiator patterns have been added! All existing programs and mixes have been improved. As you know, this is a completely upgradeable platform that will continue to improve with each and every release.

    New Enhancements:

    • Added Preset 4 program bank with 128 new programs
    • Added a Synth Drum program bank (110 new programs)
    • Substantial improvements in Preset 1, Preset 2, Preset 3 and Electronica program banks
    • Divided mixes into two banks: Groove Mix (40 Mixes) and Split-Layer (108 Mixes)
    • Added an Electronica program bank (128 new programs)
    • Added GM program bank (128 new programs)
    • Added ability to easily transpose the keyboard from the program screen
    • Drastic improvements to the arpeggiator

      In addition, Alesis has now posted the Alesis Fusion Converter™ program FREE at This is a fully functional translation program that allows .wav, .aiff, SoundFont and Akai libraries to be converted into Fusion samples. WOW!

      This update as well as all future updates to the software and the sounds can be found at:,59,0,0,1,0

    Fusion - a union by or as if by melting: as a : a merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole.

    The Alesis Fusion has a newly developed synthesizer engine that employs a Coldfire processor surrounded by seven high-performance DSPs. This massively powerful processing core starts by giving you the following four synthesis types: Sample Playback, Analog Modeling, FM and Physical Modeling.

    Alesis Dynamic DSP Synthesis
    The Fusion’s synthesis engine is whatever you configure it to be. Maybe you just want regular sample playback synthesis for all of your instruments in one song. The next song has sampled drums and an analog synth lead. The song after that is more esoteric and combines physical modeling and FM synthesis along with analog and sample-based synthesis. It all can happen on the Fusion because of our Dynamic DSP Synthesis engine.

    Sample Playback and User Sampling
    The Fusion has a unique new approach to the concept of sample playback synthesis. Unlike our competitors’ sample-based workstations, the Fusion is designed to be extremely flexible. Sounds in the built-in 64MB (comparable to 128MB linear) Flash ROM can be exchanged for other samples that are stored on either Compact Flash or the internal 80 gigabyte Hard disk. This means you have access to a virtually unlimited library of sounds.

    You can also easily create your own custom instruments. The Fusion allows you to sample through the analog inputs, or to load in WAV files from your computer via USB (or Compact Flash) to create your custom soundset. Alesis' optional E2 memory module allows you to expand internal memory. This will add an additional 128MB of RAM on top of the internal 64MB giving you a total of 192MB of memory for sample playback sounds.

    Alesis has created a completely new soundset for the Fusion. Their newly developed libraries offer the absolute best collection of top-quality instruments for realistic performance.

    Virtual Analog
    Alesis has a very strong background in Virtual Analog (VA) synthesis. Over the years we have researched and built many synthesizers (including the real analog monster called the Andromeda) with massive sounds and extremely accurate emulations of classic analog filters.

    The Fusion contains a very flexible virtual analog synth. The VA engine offers three oscillators with ring modulation and lots of flexible routing as well. The engine features multiple types of filters with variable poles to emulate the characteristics of many vintage analog synths. The Fusion also offers in-depth modulation assignments of countless parameters. The VA engine in the Fusion goes far beyond other VA synths - even ones that only do virtual analog synthesis. With the user defined modulation table assignments it’s like having a modular analog synth that can remember all your crazy patch cable routes every time you call up the program.

    FM Synthesis
    The Fusion is the first keyboard in Alesis history to offer Frequency Modulation (FM) synthesis. This radically different and sonically diverse form of synthesis was introduced in the 70’s and has made a major impact on musicians and producers alike.

    Product Specifications
    Alesis Fusion Synth Specifications:

      Tone Generator:
      • Fusion Engine Synthesis - Sample Playback, Virtual Analog, FM, Physical Modeling
      • Dynamic processor allocation
      • Up to 180 voices of sample playback
      Multitimbral Capacity:
      • Mix: 8 internal, 16 external
      • Song: 16 internal, 16 external
      Waveforms- Tones:
      • 120 MB (when converted to 16-bit linear format)
      • Preset Instruments: 800 Programs
      • Preset Drumkits : 64 Drumkits
      • GM: 128 Programs, plus 8 Drum Kits
      • User: 80GB of whatever you want
      • 200 Mixes
      • 13 types
      • 20 Reverbs
      • 10 Chorus
      • 50 Insert Effects
      • 4 Band EQ: Low shelf, low, mid, high mid, high shelves
      • Multi-samples (waveform capacity)
      • 128 samples per Multisample
      Sampling Sources:
      • Analog Input L/R, Stereo Output (resampling)
      A/D Conversion:
      • 24 -bit, 64 X oversampling
      D/A Conversion:
      • 24 -bit, 128 X oversampling
      Sampling Frequencies:
      • 44.1 kHz
      • Memory 64MB installed, optional expansion to 192MB
      Sampling Time:
      • 11 Min, 53 Sec (with onboard memory)
      • 37 Min, 15 Sec (with full expansion memory)
      Sample Formats:
      • Alesis format, wav
      • Note Capacity- Unlimited / based on HD limitations
      Note Resolution:
      • 480 ppq
      • 32 Tracks
      • 40GB of whatever you want
      • Preset: Preset 1000
      • User:User Unlimited
      Sequence Format:
      • SMF
      • Pitch Bend Wheel
      • Modulation Wheel
      • Aftertouch
      • Assignable Control Knobs (4)
      • Assignable Trigger Buttons (4)
      • Assignable Switches (2)
      • 240 x 128 backlit LCD
      External Storage:
      • Compact Flash Type I and Type II (Flash and Microdrives), SATA HD and (by Fall 2005) CD-RW
      • Stereo Input L-Mono/R: Standard 1/4 Jack
      • Stereo Headphone Output: Standard 1/4 Jack
      • Stereo Main Output L/R: Standard 1/4 Jack
      • Stereo Aux Output L/R: Standard 1/4 Jack
      • S/PDIF Output: Coax/Optical
      • ADAT Output: Optical
      • MIDI In/Out/Thru
      • Sustain Pedal
      • Footswitch
      • Expression Pedal
      • USB (to Host)
      • HD Recording Inputs 1-8: Standard 1/4 Jack
      • External Drive (SATA)
      • AC Inlet
      Power Consumption:
      • 50 W
      • Fusion 8HD: 51.5 x 14 x 5 inches (130.8 x 35.6 x 12.7cm)/li>
      • Fusion 6HD: 35.5 x 14 x 4 inches (90.2 x 35.6 x 10.2 cm)
      • Fusion 8HD: 58.4 pounds (25.6 kg)
      • Fusion 6HD: 30.4 pounds (13.8 kg)
  • * All specifications subject to change prior to product delivery.

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