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Product Description

Tubes, tubes, and more tubes!
The new Ampeg SVT-VR is a vintage reissue of an early 1970s Blue-Line SVT head. The preamp stage, power section, and even rocker switches emulate the exact signal path, tone, and vibe of the original rock ’n’ roll workhorse. Authentic from its input jack all the way to its six 6550 output tubes, the SVT-VR is a must-have for rockers seeking that in-your-face Ampeg bass tone.

Ampeg SVT VR Features

  • Tube Preamp and Power Amp
  • 300-Watts RMS at 2 or 4 Ohms
  • Two Discrete Channels
  • Neutrik Speakon and 1/4 inch Output

The History of AMPEG...
In 1946, Everette Hull, an acomplished pianist and bass player, organized a partnership with Stanley Michaels under the name Michaels-Hull Electronic Labs. Their mission was to produce a new microphone pickup that Hull designed. The pickup was fitted on the end of an upright bass and was dubbed the Amplified Peg or Ampeg for short.

In 1949, Hull became the sole proprietor and changed the name of the company to the Ampeg Bassamp Company. Since that time, Ampeg has produced some of the music industry's most innovative and memorable products, satisifying the needs of musicians all over the world. Many of these products feature incredibly unique features and performance capabilities resulting in six U.S. patents under the Ampeg brand name.

In 1960, a design engineer by the name of Jess Oliver created a combo amplifier with a chasis that could be inverted and tucked inside the speaker enclosure, protecting the inner workings and increasing the portability of the the amp. Nicknammed the Portaflex, this amplifier became the standard in bass combos throughout the 60's and 70's.

Also in the early 60's, Ampeg was the first company to incorporate reverb in an amplifier. The Reverbrocket preceded Fender's Vibroverb (often thought of as the original) by nearly 2 years. In 1969, Ampeg set out to design the most powerful amplifier ever made. At that time, 50-watt amps were considered more than adequate. 100-watt amps were considered plenty loud. Ampeg, however, not only harnessed 300 watts of pure tube power but actually created a new valve (tube) technology - Super Valve Technology, or the SVT. Now the most sought after stage amplifier, the SVT has proven its road worthiness on stages around the world.

In 1986, St. Louis Music, Inc purchased Ampeg and continues the tradition of making quality, musician-satisifying products. The current series of Ampeg Classic models, Pro Series products, B Series heads and combos as well as the updated re-issue Diamond Blue Series are among the latest in the evolution of the professional, innovative and feature laden amplifiers available.

Product Specifications

Ampeg SVT VR Specifications

  • Preamp: Tube (2 x 12AX7, 1 x 12AU7)
  • Driver Tubes: (1 x 12AX7, 2 x 12AU7)
  • Power Amp: Tube (6 x 6550)
  • RMS Power Output: 300-Watts @ 2 ohms
  • RMS Power Output: 300-Watts @ 4 ohms
  • Tone Controls: Bass, Mid, Treble
  • Mid Tone Control: 3-Position Rocker Switch
  • Ultra Low/High Boosts: Yes
  • Speaker Connections: Neutrik Speakon and 1/4 inch
  • Balanced Line Out: Yes (Transformer)
  • Preamp Out/Power Amp In: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 24 x 11.5 x 12.75
  • Weight: 85 pounds

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  800-258-6883 Warranty:  Effective September 17, 2010: Heritage Series: 5 years on Electronics, 2 years on Speakers, 180-day Tubes; SVT Classic and Pro Series; 5 years on Electronics, 2 years on Speakers; 90-day Tubes. All PF BA, Diamond Blue and BA Combo Amps: 2 years on Electronics and Speakers; 90 days tubes. Discontinued and B-Stock Products: Limited 90-day No-Fault Warranty
Theodore Cendejas, Submitted: 7/22/2018
Product Rating
Phenomenal in Every Way
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Unlike any other amp you have played or will play, this is literally a Goliath in monster bass tone, there is unlimited potential within this amp head... guaranteed that the tone that is being sculpted is one of a kind and genuine and can be mimicked by none, the thing that separates this from any other bass head is that this amp can be felt from anywhere in the room, not just from volume but something that’s intangible and enhances every single aspect of the overall sound from a band standpoint or an individual solo player. This is the only bass head that is second to none and heard on countless songs, that reason is because it delivers low end chest punching fat crystal clear tone that bass needs to feel with the kick drum.. Updated biasing keeps your amp running it’s best to the ability to patch your tone from different channels to bring new tonality. New features on the back panel which keeps the head modern to keep up with sound systems and cabinets but ultimately timeless sounds.
george fatolitis Submitted: 3/31/2016
Product Rating
so far so good
What is your opinion of this product?
i was under the impression this was made in u.s.a.,that ain't so.china?
Rob from Devils Lake, ND Submitted: 5/18/2013
Product Rating
This head is exactly what I had hoped it would be!
Robert from Atlanta, GA Submitted: 4/18/2010

Worth the wait...
Ted from Kansas City, Missouri. Submitted: 5/25/2009

The sound of bass!!!
Al from Arlington, Tx. Submitted: 1/31/2009

The last stop when it comes to tone
Brian from Owosso Michigan, Submitted: 11/20/2008

Buy it NOW!!!
AMS Customer from USA Submitted: 2/5/2008

Your general opinion of this product.

This thing is built like a tank. A friend has the same amp and he dropped it 6 feet onto a concrete walkway, and it still worked. The sidewalk was not so lucky. I have not gigged mine yet but the build quality and attention to detail is outstanding. A classic design - you can not go wrong with perfection.

The simple easy to use controls will have you sounding however you want right out of the box. You won't find a 32 band EQ or a fake sounding subharmonic generator or any of that crap. Just good bass tone - the SVT sound. That's all you need from a bass amp.

Like I said - you take it out of the box - hopefully you have a strong friend to help you - and you plug it in. It doesn't get much easier than that.

Make no mistake - these amps are expensive. You will pay a bunch for replacement tubes also, so keep that in mind. If that doesn't scare you away and you want the ULTIMATE bass
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