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    Aphex 1404 Punch Factory Optical Compressor Pedal

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    Product Description

    The Aphex 1404 Punch Factory adds a knockout Punch to your bass or guitar!
    The Punch Factory pedal by Aphex is a powerful, studio-quality optical compressor and DI in one. It’s the perfect tool for incredible bass and guitar sounds by expanding the dynamic range and sensitivity of your instrument. Its Drive (compression) and Volume knobs let you dial the perfect balance level. The Punch Factory can be powered either by any standard external DC power supply or one 9V battery.

    Compression Especially For Musicians

      Optical Compression - What Is It?
      There are many, ways to build a compressor. Various devices can be used to create the core circuit that controls the gain of the compressor in response to a control signal. Each type of device has its own advantages and disadvantages. Every available technology has produced popular compressors over the years. However, one of the most beloved types of compressors is the “optical compressor”.

      An optical compressor is created from the combination of a light sensitive resistor called a photocell, and a controllable light source such as a small light bulb or LED. Devices called optocouplers combine a photocell and light source inside a light-proof package. The photocell changes its resistivity depending upon the intensity of the light.

      Attack, Release & Memory
      Compressors are said to be "attacking" when they are in the act of reducing the gain and "releasing" when the gain is recovering, or rising back up after an attack. Photocells exhibit a function called "memory". When just a few brief attacks have been experienced, the photocell recovers quite fast, bringing back the level more quickly. However, after repeated and constant attacking, the photocell builds up a memory of the light pulses and recovers more gradually. This helps to smooth out the compression and preserve the quality of the sound.

      The optocoupler used in the Punch Factory is made especially for Aphex. It has unique characteristics that are unusually good for music instrument compression. That means no other compressor sounds like this one.

      Compressors - What They Do
      The basic idea is that a wide range of input levels is automatically “compressed” into a lower range of output levels. After compression, sounds that were low in volume are higher in volume. One could also argue that loud sounds are made lower in volume.

      What Do I Need a Compressor?
      When used well, a proper compressor will extend the sensitivity of an instrument, bringing up the tonal nuances that contain the sensuality of your music. That goes just as well for basses as guitars. Your music will be more consistent, filling the volume envelope more fatly, making the track stand out better in a mix. Similarly, in live music, you will fill better and your playing will be more apparent among the band.

      Typically, compression gathers more sustain. When you play, you hear the notes last longer because the compressor keeps raising the level automatically until it runs out of gain. Every time you hit a chord or note, the compressor “attacks” on the sound envelope and reduces its volume, then the volume “releases” back up as the sound dies out.

      When the compressor attacks on the sound, it does so in a particular way that is different with different compressors. Too fast an attack will suck the life out of your music while too slow loses effectiveness. One of the good things about the Punch Factory is that it has a complex attack characteristic that adapts to the sound, letting it emerge enhanced, or subtly exaggerated. This creates “Punch”, aiding the articulation of the sound and creating a lush and full sound.

      You will discover more great sounds on your instrument, and certain musical genres will become more playable. An example is blues. The Punch Factory will blend the notes musically, making every note audible without sucking out any of the feeling. Rich sustains will not fade into oblivion.

    Product Specifications

    Aphex 1404 Punch Factory Features & Specifications

    • Active/Passive Input Select: Allows for hot active pickups
    • 10 Megohms Input Z: Brings out the maximum tone in all types of pickups.
    • Low Z Instrument Output: Drives long cords effortlessly
    • Balanced Pro D.I. Output:
      • Effect or non-effect select
      • Ground lift
      • Studio Quality
    • Simultaneous Outputs: Both work at the same time
    • True Bypass: No electronics in bypass
    • Simplified Operation: Only two knobs
    • LED Bar Graph Display: Gain reduction in decibels
    • Long Battery Life:
    • Estimated 100 to 150 hours from a fresh 9V battery
    • Flexible External Power:
      • 7 to 36VDC any polarity
      • 5 to 24VAC
      • If the plug fits, it works!

    Aphex 1404 Punch Factory FAQ
    from Aphex

    Q: The phone jacks aren't fastened to the case. Isn't that a reliability problem?
    A: Not at all! Here's why:

    1. Each jack is solidly attached to the internal pc board using through-hole soldered mounting. They cannot twist or tear loose.
    2. The force that holds the plug firmly in the jack is created by the springy metal contacts of the jack that are solidly rooted in the pc board. The plastic housing does not need to support the plug very much other than to guide it home. There is no need to attach the plastic housing to the product's case.
    3. The pc board is rigidly attached to the metal case in 3 axes. It cannot slide or slip around. This holds the jacks very firmly. The boards are double-sided glass epoxy so soldered connections are extra strong and solder pin "pull out" is impossible.
    4. The jacks we use have been used by the millions in audio mixers and amplifiers. Over many years of use, they have earned a reputation for high reliability.
    Q: Does it matter about the power supply polarity?
    A: No. The 1400 Series will accept power from most AC and DC sources regardless of center pin polarity. The power is internally rectified and regulated. "If The Plug Fits It Works".

    Q: I looked inside and saw an LED hidden in there. What's it for?
    A: That's used as a voltage reference and is not for indicating anything. It will glow very dimly at all times when power is on.

    Q: Does the foot switch still bypass the signal through even when there is no power source?
    A: Yes, instrument in to instrument out is hard wire switched, and independent of any of the electronics. The D.I. output will not get a signal, however, unless power is applied.

    Q: Can I use the passive input with an active instrument?
    A: Yes, surely! The active input needs to be used only when an active instrument's output level is high enough to overload the passive input. Many active instruments have outputs that are about as low as a passive instrument. In that case, always use the passive input.

    Q: Do these boxes run from phantom power?
    A: No. There's not enough power available from a microphone phantom power source to run all the electronics.

    Q: Will any harm come from feeding the D.I. output into a phantom powered mic channel?
    A: Not usually. It won't harm the stomp box, but the D.I. output will put a heavy load on the phantom power circuit, and cheap mixers or preamps might have a problem with that. We recommend turning off the phantom power of that channel.

    Q: When do I need to use the ground lift?
    A: Usually never, but if you are getting a buzz on the D.I. output, it may be alleviated by turning on the ground lift.

    Q: What does "Wet/Dry" mean?
    A: That refers to the D.I. output, whether it has the effect or not. When "Dry" is chosen, the box acts as a clean direct box with no effects. You still have the effects available at the instrument output depending on the foot switch.

    Q: Does the D.I. output follow the foot switch?
    A: No, the D.I. output is independent and relies on the Wet/Dry switch to add or remove the effects.

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  818-767-2929 Warranty:  1 Year
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