Aquarian T KIT Ultimate Snare Tune Up Kit

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    Product Description

    T-Kit is a collection of simple and practical solutions for helping you fine-tune your drum sound, maintain and extend the life of your drumheads, and temporarily fix things when they break! Sensible and cost effective solutions to modify your drum sound and to keep you playing.

    The ultimate snare tune up kit includes:

    • 1 - TC14 14" coated snare drum head
    • 1 - CCSN14 14" clear snare side head
    • 1 - 14" studio ring
    • 1 - Reusable 4.5" dura-DOT
    • 2 - Reusable coated t-TABS
    • 2 - snare-STRIP snare guards
    • 2 - Woven snare straps
    TC14 snare head
    The Aquarian Satin Finish Texture Coated drumhead is a coated, single ply, medium weight drumhead. The Satin Finish is the thinnest and most durable coating ever developed. Unlike conventional coatings it resists chipping and it lasts and lasts and lasts. It has an amazing stick and brush response and is great for snare drums and tom toms.

    CCSN14 snare head
    Delivers that big, fat, low tom sound heard on countless classic rock and roll records. Performance 2 drumheads were designed for loose tuning to get the depth and punch with no over-ring. The Performance 2 heads are manufactured with Aquarian’s Vacuum Process which eliminates air bubbles and wrinkles between the two plies and sealed around the edge to create that really deep sound on the toms.

    14" Studio Ring
    The one-inch width of each muffling ring achieves that great studio sound without choking the drum.

    The 4.5” duraDOT drumhead tone modifier is made to help shape snare head frequencies with an added focused stick attack. The duraDOT also adds durability and longevity to your drumhead.

    Like the toneTAB, the removable duraDOT can be played on, and placed anywhere on the drumhead for quick, real-time tone adjustments. But unlike the toneTAB’s fine tuning effect, the duraDOT’s changes are dramatic. Go from a wide open, high frequency snare drum ring, to a wet, flat and funky backbeat sound in the same song!

    Professional drum techs understand that there are times to adjust the drum sound with external modifiers. Adjusting the ATTACK, TONE and RESONANCE of a drum can all be achieved by adjusting the vibration and the density of the drumhead.

    The t-TAB is a drumhead tone modifier that makes it easy to “fine tune” the tone and resonance of any drum, in any room, for any playing situation. Eliminate specific frequencies and control the length of decay of a drum by experimenting with the placement of the removable and reusable t-TABS at different locations on the drumhead.

    The 3” plastic t-TABS have a slight radius that makes them fit nicely around the circumference of the drum. But unlike other “muting mediums”, the 10mil plastic toneTABs can be played on. TABs can be placed anywhere, on any head, wherever a frequency adjustment is needed; batter or resonant heads.

    The reusable proprietary adhesive allows the t-TAB to be re-positioned and removed over and over again. Multiple tabs create a more profound effect. The included tab storage sheet can be used to hold tabs for quick and easy, real-time tone change. 

      * Focus the frequencies of the drumhead
      * Reduce or adjust decay
      * Increase clarity and attack
    The snareSTRIP prevents snare head damage due to punctures from broken snare wires. Durable, and made from a proprietary woven material, snareSTRIPs are placed under the ends of the snare wires and protect and reinforce the bottom snare head where it is most vulnerable.

    STRIPS can also be used to repair snare heads from previous small punctures. When used as a tone modifier, snareSTRIPS can help focus the snare response by slightly drying out the head and reducing overtones.

    Two snareSTRIPS come in each pack.

      *Prevent damage from broken snare wires.
      *Can be used to repair damage from previous minor punctures.
      *Helps to dry out the sound of bottom snare head.

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