Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charging Station

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    Product Description

    The Energy 16 Plus from Ansmann allows you to recharge AAA, AA, C, D, 9V rechargeable batteries as well as 2 USB devices! The Energy 16 plus also boast two 5V, 1 Amp USB charging ports compatible with, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and other 5V USB electronics. Another great thing is the smaller, sleeker design which takes up less counter space.

    The Energy 16 plus contains added circuitry for maximizing the rejuvenation of your cells, including a pre-charge cycle, which brings badly worn batteries up to a suitable voltage before recharging. And, of course, the proprietary Ansmann refresh cycle is still resident in this new version with a few tweaks to fine-tune the chemistry of your batteries.

    Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charging Station Features

    • Charging Slots:
      • 1-12 AAA
      • 1-12 AA
      • 1-6 Baby C
      • 1-6 Mono D
      • 1-2 9V
      • 2 USB charging sockets
    • Suitable for NiMH/NiCd rechargeable batteries
    • Capacity quick test of the inserted cells for approx. 10 seconds
    • LED green: capacity over 80 percent of the nominal capacity
    • LED orange: capacity between 25-80 percent of the nominal capacity
    • LED red: capacity under 25 percent of the nominal capacity
    • Auto-diagnosis of the inserted cells with automatic start of a pre- charging and/or refreshing process, if required
    • Fast charging
    • Microprocessor controlled charging
    • Battery-full detection (-dV)
    • Automatic switch to trickle charge
    • Multiple over charging protection
    • Individual supervision of each cell position
    • Faulty cell and alkaline battery detection
    • Easiest handling due to fully automatic control
    • Clear indicators and controls for each charging position
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • For worldwide use
    • 3 years warranty

    Product Specifications
    Ansmann Energy 16 Plus Battery Charging Station Specifications
    • Input voltage: 100-240V AC / 50-60Hz
    • Charging time for Mignon AA 1000mAh: 1.2h
    • Charging currents:
      • Mono D: 6x 1000mA
      • Baby C: 6x 1000mA
      • AA: 12x 1000mA
      • AAA: 12x 400mA
      • 9V E-Block: 2x 60mA
      • USB: 2x 1000mA
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    Phone:  856-481-3504 Warranty: 
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