Behringer Bass V Amp Pro Multieffects Processor

    The Behringer Bass V Amp Pro is the Ultimate Tone Toolbox. With extensive MIDI and digital connectivity, it's like having 4 modelers in a box - for the price of one!
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    The Behringer Bass V Amp Pro is the Ultimate Tone Toolbox for Bass, Acoustic/Electric Guitar and Keyboard Amp Modeling.
    Not just for Pros - the Behringer BASS V-AMP PRO is the 19 inch rack-mount version of the BASS V-AMP with extensive MIDI and digital connectivity. Endorsed by bass gurus Alphonso Johnson, Ken Taylor and Hellmut Hattler, this is the ultimate tone toolbox for bass, acoustic/electric guitar and keyboard players.

    It's like having 4 modelers in a box - for the price of one. Choose from 32 classic amps, 23 legendary speaker cabinets and 16 killer effects models. Store your own presets in the 125 memory locations, or get presets developed by these amazing bass players Alphonso, Ken and Hellmut. Download more from Behringer's ToneLibrary!

    The BASS V-AMP PRO includes pre-DSP send/return and post-DSP stereo inserts as well as balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift. A BNC wordclock input for synchronization and a 24-bit/96 kHz digital output with AES/EBU and S/PDF connectors. Plus, it has BEHRINGER’s exclusive auto wah and rotary effects and DI output with ULTRA-G cabinet simulation designed by Juergen Rath.

    The BASS V-AMP PRO is your best partner in the studio—but you can also take it to your next gig!

    The search for your tone is the search for your soul.
    Call them freaks or "tone addicts", but Behringer has people who are so passionate about music and engineering that they sometimes have to remind them they should go home and get some sleep. They call them Behringers, and you know what — that’s exactly the stuff they’re made of. The search for the right tone is the search for your soul, and Behringer knows it — once you start stimulating the gland that releases your "tone endorphins", letting go is no longer an option.

    That’s how it all got started. You should have heard Behringer's guitarists passionately arguing over their guitar sound and especially their amps. Trying to touch their amps was like getting close to a bear cub in the presence of its over-protective mother. One day they got tired of hearing all those arguments and said, guys, "Why don’t we try finding out what tone really is?" Behringer called in their musicians and engineers and started digging into the soul of their beloved amps, picking it apart.

    We all know that vacuum tubes are the heart and soul of all legendary amps and are paramount to their warm, rich tones. So Behringer delved deep into the process of individually measuring every amp and painstakingly analyzing its dynamic properties in every detail. They spent a fortune building up a comprehensive collection of the most popular amplifiers, cabinets and effects in order to thoroughly analyze their tonal aspects, trying to reveal their sonic signatures.

    Behringer's engineers have spent years getting to understand all there is to know about tube-powered amps, including how different tube types respond under various conditions. They’ve studied how a tube processes an input signal, how the signal is colored and shaped, how distortion occurs, how the signal affects other parts of the system, and then modeled them virtually. In vain.

    They started realizing what "tone" means, learning that a guitar amp actually "breathes" and that analyzing frequency diagrams doesn’t get you anywhere. Transistors simply couldn’t reproduce tube warmth and performance. They were frustrated and were about to give up.

    It seemed like you really didn’t have a choice, it was tubes or nothing. But then their guitar hero Jan came up with an incredible idea: "Let’s recreate the amp!" First no one understood what he meant until he explained his idea. "Rather than trying to emulate the overall sound, why don’t we analyze all individual components, virtually recreating them and 'wiring' them together as in a real amp? In short, we first authentically model individual bits and THEN put them all together. That way, we recreate the original amp and the resulting tone."

    In any traditional analog amplifier, sound is determined by the interaction of a hugely complex network of components. They influence each other, creating all the frequency and dynamics’ subtleties of each amp—simply creating the soul of your amp.

    Behringer's Interactive Amp Modeling is a process in which an amp’s components and their interconnection are carefully recreated digitally. They've accounted for all those unique sound factors such as aged components—filter capacitors, output transformers and so on — and built them in. What’s amazing about this process is that you can "wire" all virtual components in any desired order, thus affecting one another exactly the same way they would in the "real" world. The result: Listen to Behringer's "real" tubes and they will simply blow you away.

    All the amps you’ll find in our V-AMP models exhibit the same kind of care and attention to detail found in hand-wired amps, but with more nuances than previously possible. Each tonal element was analyzed in detail and subsequently recreated. Behringer has given you the entire spectrum of dynamic and interactive details that are absolutely necessary for recreating the tone and the feel of the original.

    Behringer's amps give you tremendous responsiveness — so real, they feel like the original. Besides, you get a huge choice of cabs whose sound and tone you can authentically recreate — with every detail from the original still present. Plus, they give you breathtaking 24-bit studio-quality effects for extra tone-shaping power. In fact, the V-AMP amps produce so much emotion and let your artistic talent come through so explosively, it is much fairer to label them ”instruments” instead of merely "amps". But call them what you will: once you lay your hands on our virtual modeling amps, you will be left with only two choices: either get the original amps we recreated or one of the V-AMP tone monsters. They all sound and feel the same.

    With the introduction of the Bass V-AMP and Bass V-AMP PRO BEHRINGER now offers the ultimate tone toolboxes for all types of musicians and applications. Both the desktop and the 19" rack PRO version combine authentic vintage amplifier and speaker sounds with unprecedented authenticity of tone. Not only do the two modelers re-create the classic sound of 16 bass amps by using proprietary "Interactive Sector Modeling" technology; BEHRINGER went a step further and expanded the concept to include items of interest to keyboardists and acoustic/electric guitar players as well.

    The new BASS V-AMPs offer 32 authentic amp models that include 16 classic bass amps, 8 of the most popular V-AMP amp models, 4 typical keyboard amps plus 4 acoustic models. With 23 renowned cabinet simulations from traditional to contemporary and 16 first-class effects, both BASS V-AMP models provide a perfect solution for studio recording and live performances. All amps and effects can be mixed and matched freely—effects can be used without amp simulation. The BASS V-AMP’s 4 distortion and overdrive stomp boxes feature adjustable drive, tone, boost and split functions, while extensive MIDI implementation provides control and automation of all MIDI functions. Additionally, the new modelers feature an integrated auto-chromatic tuner that can be calibrated.

    The BASS V-AMP PRO is an all-professional modeling tool with flexible state-of-the art studio features: AES/EBU and S/PDIF 24-bit with up to 96 kHz sampling rate digital outputs, up to 104 dB dynamic range, adjustable wordclock input for synchronization, ULTRA-G speaker simulation, and a high quality XLR DI output with ground/lift switch qualify the PRO for professional recording and performance. The unit’s pre DSP and post DSP effect loops enable connection with external effects processors.

    Future EPROM updates will ensure that the BASS V-AMP and BASS V-AMP PRO always have the latest software and features. To top it off, BEHRINGER worked with some of the world’s best bass players like Alphonso Johnson, Ken Taylor and Hellmut Hattler, whose sound suggestions led to the creation of original artist presets.

    Product Specifications

    Behringer Bass V Amp Pro Features & Specifications

    • 32 authentic virtual amp models can be combined with any of the 23 speaker cabinet simulations, noise gate, compressor, wah-wah, modulation effects, delay and reverb
    • 125 memory locations, divided into 25 banks of 5 presets each
    • Facilitates direct recording without an extra amp
    • Auto-chromatic tuner
    • Comprehensive LEDs show all current settings
    • 15 rear panel connectors allow comprehensive routing and suit virtually every conceivable application
    • Additional unparalleled authentic cabinet simulation with sound designed by Juergen Rath
    • Stereo headphones output with adjustable volume
    • Internal power supply unit
    • Extremely low-noise instrument input ensures maximum instrument signal integrity
    • Pre DSP send/return for dry recording and wet monitoring
    • Stereo 1/4" line outputs controlled by master volume for live use as guitar preamp
    • Balanced stereo XLR DI out with ground lift and switchable ULTRA-G cabinet simulation
    • Post DSP stereo inserts for connection of external effects
    • Phones output on front panel for easy access
    • BNC wordclock input for external sample rate synchronization up to 96 kHz
    • AES/EBU and S/PDIF connectors allow usage as an all-purpose A/D converter with 24-bit/96 kHz digital output
    • Comprehensive MIDI In, Out/Thru

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    Phone:  702-800-8290 Warranty:  1 Year (3 year when you register online at Behringer)
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