Behringer Eurolive VP1520D Powered PA Speaker

    Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology and internal switch-mode power supplies, the Eurolive VP1520D has a much better power-to-weight ratio.
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    Product Description

    Thanks to our revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology and internal switch-mode power supplies, the Eurolive VP1520D loudspeaker provides a much better power-to-weight ratio than competing active loudspeakers. Put simply, you get all the power and articulate sound without the backbreaking weight.

    Behringer Eurolive VP1520D Powered Speaker Features

    • High-power 550-Watt 2-way PA sound reinforcement speaker system for live and playback applications
    • Ultra-compact system delivers excellent sound even at extreme sound pressure levels
    • Revolutionary Class-D amplifier technology: enormous power, incredible sonic performance and super-light weight
    • Internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio, superior transient response and very low power consumption
    • Integrated sound processor for ultimate system control and speaker protection
    • Extremely powerful 15 inch long-excursion driver provides incredibly deep bass and acoustic power
    • Proprietary 1.75 inch titanium-diaphragm compression driver for exceptional high-frequency reproduction
    • Ultra-wide dispersion, large-format exponential/conical horn
    • Ultra-low noise Mic/Line input with Volume control and Clip LED
    • Dedicated 2-band EQ for perfect sound adjustment
    • Additional Line output allows linking of additional speaker systems
    • Trapezoidal enclosure for easy array and sonic accuracy
    • Integral tripod and stand adaptor
    • Ergonomically shaped handles for easy carrying and setup
    • Rugged steel grille for optimal speaker protection
    • High-quality components and exceptionally rugged construction ensure long life
    • Conceived and designed by Behringer Germany
    What's the Big Deal About Class-D?
    Instead of operating relatively continuously like Class AB circuits, Class-D amps switch on and off thousands of times per second, delivering power only when needed. In other words, the amplifier is either fully on or fully off , which significantly reduces power losses from the output devices given off as heat. Less heat means our amps don't need massive heat sinks, and that means we can make them lighter. Our no-compromise design means your Eurolive VP1520D loudspeaker will deliver full power with incredible fidelity all night long, without the need for lengthy rest cycles.

    When used in conjunction with switching-mode power supplies, which don't require huge and heavy transformers, our Class-D amplifiers provide tremendous dynamic punch and superior fidelity. The resulting speaker systems are much lighter, making them easy to transport and set up.

    Superior Sound Quality
    The state-of-the-art Eurolive VP1520D loudspeaker system boast 550 Watts that will simply blow you away. At the heart of these powerful loudspeakers is a bi-amped 550-Watt Class-D engine, which drives a high-efficiency 15 inch woofer for brutal punch, and a 1.75 in. titanium-diaphragm HF (High-Frequency) compression driver for articulate high-end resolution. The internal amplifiers and speakers are designed to function as a perfectly matched team, ensuring optimal sound every time you power up.

    Processor-controlled Output
    Dynamic processing is one of the best ways to maximize output without sacrificing sound quality. The Eurolive VP1520D loudspeakers' built-in circuitry automatically adjusts program content, allowing the loudspeaker to operate at extreme levels. It accomplishes this by reducing bass output slightly as you approach the limit of the transducers. This frees up LF (Low Frequency) amp and transducer resources so that higher overall volume can be realized. It's like having a tiny soundman inside each cabinet constantly monitoring and tweaking output parameters.

    Thunderous Bass
    In order to produce tight, deep bass, a loudspeaker has to move lots of air. The Eurolive VP1520D loudspeaker accomplishes this by using powerful, long-excursion LF (Low Frequency) drivers that are handmade in our own factory. While some companies are content to use "off-the-shelf" drivers, we custom-design each LF driver to perfectly match each application. Each VP1520D features custom-designed LF drivers in a tuned enclosure, providing rich, tight bass all the way down to 55 Hz.

    Articulate Top End
    HF content can easily make or break your performance. Too much and the sound becomes brittle and obnoxious, too little and it sounds muddy and poorly defined. The 1.75 in. titanium-diaphragm HF driver provides natural-sounding high end, with an ultra-wide sound dispersion pattern.

    Instant PA System
    With a single loudspeaker system and a dynamic microphone, you can set up an instant sound system. Just connect a mic directly to the builtin XLR mic preamp, place the loudspeaker on a tabletop or speaker stand, and power up. It's that easy. And if you need more coverage, you can chain together as many as you like via the convenient LINK OUTPUT XLR connector.

    Ideal for FOH (Front-of-House) deployment, VP1520D's trapezoidal design also makes it the perfect choice for side fill monitor applications. Enclosures can be clustered, stacked, or even stand-mounted thanks to the built-in 35-mm (1.375 in.) pole socket.

    The VP1520D has been optimized for maximum reliability through our integrated overload-protection circuitry, ensuring ultimate high-frequency driver protection. Designed to stand up to the rigors of the road, these loudspeaker systems are built to last and made to perform!

    Product Specifications
    Behringer Eurolive VP1520D Powered Speaker Specifications

    Amplifier Power Output:
    • Low-frequency range:
      • RMS Power: 280 watts @ 8 ohms
      • Peak Power: 450 watts @ 8 ohms
    • High-frequency Range:
      • RMS Power: 65 watts @ 8 ohms
      • Peak Power: 100 watts @ 8 ohms
    • Speaker Size: 15 inch, (307 mm)
    • Audio Inputs:
      • XLR (servo-balanced) Sensitivity: -40 dBu to +4 dBu
      • XLR (servo-balanced) Input Impedance: 20 kOhms
      • 1/4 in. TRS jack (servo-balanced) sensitivity: -40 dBu to +4 dBu
      • 1/4 in. TRS jack (servo-balanced) Input Impedance: 20 kOhms
      • Input Trim: -∞ to + 30 dB
      • Max. Input Level: +22 dBu
      • Link Connector: XLR Connector
    • Loudspeaker system data:
      • Frequency Response: 50 Hz to 20 kHz
      • Crossover Frequency: 2.5 kHz
      • Sound Pressure Level: max 119 dB SPL @ 1 m
      • Limiter: Optical
      • Dynamic Equalizer: Processor-controlled
    • Equalizer (HIGH): 12 kHz/ +/- dB
    • Equalizer (LOW): 80 Hz/ +/- dB
    • Power Supply: 120 V, 60 Hz (T 6.5 A H 250 V)
    • Dimensions (HxWxD): 27 x 17.9 x 18.3 inches, (685 x 455 x 465 mm)
    • Weight: 54.5 lbs. / 24.8 kg

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  702-800-8290 Warranty:  1 Year (3 year when you register online at Behringer)
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