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    Bigsby Custom Fender B5 Vibrato Tailpiece for Telecaster Guitars

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    Product Description

    Made specifically for Fender Telecaster guitars, this Bigsby Custom Fender B5 Vibrato was designed by Paul A. Bigsby. By adding this piece of hardware to your Fender guitar, guitarists may use their pick hand for various effects including pitch bending of notes or chords. Although many musicians are familiar with the terms whammy bar and tremolo arm, the correct term for the musical effect produced by this piece of hardware is vibrato, and Bigsby was the first successful design. Spring loaded, the Bigsby arm is attached to a pivoting metal bar, which is around where the strings of the guitar are installed. When the vibrato is sitting in the neutral position, the pressure of the spring counteracts the force of the strings, producing a constant pitch when guitarists play. But when pushing the Bigsby arm downwards toward the top of the guitar, the bridge rocks forward loosening the strings to lower the pitch. This vibrato requires little force to use, and is very easy to control. It’s ideally suited to musicians who use slow, subtle, or extended bends.

    Bigsby Custom Fender B5 Vibrato Tailpiece Features

    • Custom Fender logo Bigsby vibrato for Telecaster guitars
    • The Bigsby vibrato tailpiece is a type of vibrato device for electric guitar designed by Paul A. Bigsby
    • The top mount unit allows musicians to bend the pitch of notes or entire chords for various effects
    • Also known as tremolo arm or whammy bar
    • First successful whammy bar design

    Product Specifications
    Bigsby Custom Fender B5 Vibrato Tailpiece Specifications
    • Model Name: B-5
    • Series: Original Kalamazoo Line
    • Manufacturing Method: Sand Cast
    • Manufacturing Material: Aluminum
    • Approximate Weight: 287 Grams/10.1 oz
    • Overall Length: 4 ¾ inches/120.65mm
    • Overall Width: 3 ¾ inches/95.3mm

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