Black Lion Audio Red Sparrow mkII ADC A/D Analog To Digital Converter

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    Product Description

    The Black Lion Audio Red Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter is also a two-channel AD converter but is based on the circuitry used in our FM192: converters used on major label recordings by Maroon 5, Lady GaGa, Alison Krauss, Beyonce, and others. With a slightly different design and components than the Black Sparrow, it is in a class of its own. It features a low noise, low ripple converter circuit design and the same novel 220/270SP master clock that's found in their FM192. Rich, euphonic frequency response, shimmering top end, and fat low end extension are all elements of this uniquely musical converter. Once you track with it, you'll find other converters sound hard, processed, or lifeless. Use it for mastering, two track classical or jazz recordings, final mixes, or whatever application your studio needs.

    Black Lion Audio Red Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter Features:

    • Balanced inputs, XLR or 1/4 inch
    • Selectable user calibration
    • Word clock input and output
    • Sampling rates from 44.1kHz -192kHz
    • AES, coax S/PDIF, and optical S/PDIF
    • LED metering
    • Accommodates nominal input signal levels from +11dBu down to -10dBV
    • 1U high, 1/2 space rack mount chassis
    • User selectable 110/220 voltage input

    Black Lion Audio proudly introduces a brand new, completely redesigned 2 channel analog to digital converter, the Sparrow MKII AD Converter fully modular design that can be upgraded as technology changes.

    The Sparrow MKII is housed in a 1U 1/2 rack chassis, featuring XLR and 1/4 inch balanced inputs, LED metering, BNC word clock I/O, AES output, coax & optical S/PDIF output, and user selectable signal calibration accommodating nominal input signal levels from +11dBu down to -10dBV. It features sampling rates from 44.1kHz -192kHz, with a clocking architecture that features low jitter and wide Q third harmonic crystal oscillators, and because of the quality of the clock multiplier and PLL recovery stages, performance will not degrade should the converter be synchronized to a lower quality word clock reference.

    They have coupled this proprietary converter circuit to a high speed, high headroom analog stage that can capture the smallest nuances and micro-dynamics. The result is unparalleled: an inexpensive two channel AD converter that not only has an enormous sound with pinpoint imaging, but also has the smooth, wide open sonic quality of expensive high end systems and a wonderfully rich midrange.

    The Black Lion Audio Sparrow MKII features 4 input stage trim presets and a single ultra-low distortion amplifier before the converter for simplicity and purity of signal path. Power supply filtration is designed around latest generation organic semiconductor capacitance instead of a traditional electrolytic based method, ensuring low power supply noise. This is an AD whose sonic performance is as good or better than the top AD's currently available; once you use the Sparrow MKII AD converter, your standards will be forever changed!

    Product Specifications
    Black Lion Audio White Sparrow MKII Dual AD Converter Specifications: 

    • Dynamic rangeb
      • 120dB Red Sparrow Unweighted
      • (124dB A-Weighted)
    • Max analog input before digital clipping: >+24dBu
    • Inputs:
      • Balanced Analog = TRS and XLR
      • Clock = 75 Ohm BNC
    • Outputs:
      • SPDIF = Coaxial (75 Ohm) and Optical, AES-EBU (110 Ohm)
      • Word Clock = 75 Ohm BNC
      • Word Clock Lock = indicator LED
    • Sampling rates: 44.1kHz - 192kHz
    • Bit rate: 24 bit
    • Latency: ≤65/Fs
    • Digital Audio Output Level Indicator: Bi-Color LED (Green/Amber/Red)
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