Blue Microphones Blueberry Cardioid Large Diaphragm Condenser Mic

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    Product Description

    The Blue Microphones Blueberry consists of a Class A discrete microphone amplifier perfectly matched to BLUE's single pattern, cardioid, hand built large diaphragm capsule.
    First and foremost, the Blueberry has been designed to provide the commanding, intimate presence associated with the world's best (and most expensive) vintage vocal microphones. With its shimmering, detailed highs, smooth midrange, and minimized proximity effect (a bass boost inherent in all unidirectional mics), the Blueberry excels at delivering a vocal right to the front of the mix where it belongs. When processed with limiting and/or compression, as is standard practice for most pop vocals, tracks recorded with the Blueberry will be free of pumping, low frequency thumps. Acoustic guitar, hand percussion, drums, and other critical high end sources also shine in front of the Blueberry, gaining an extra measure of presence that enables the most delicate sounds to cut through a mix, even at very low levels.

    Designed to fill the needs of the home musician and the professional alike, the Blueberry includes the Series Two Shockmount and comes handsomely packaged in its own cherrywood box. Whatever your music, add a Blueberry to the mix and let your ears feast on the sound.

    Review Guitar World (September 2003)
    Shocking Blues: Blue Microphones Dragonfly, Blueberry and Baby Bottle
    Capture the Heart of What's in Your Head With BLUE Microphones
    BLUE microphones are more than just a recording tool, they are an investment in value, quality, and expression. You will display them for their artistic beauty, covet and protect them for their investment value, and treasure them for conveying the heart and soul of any musical recording.

    BLUE stands for Baltic Latvian Universal Electronics, and for the ultimate in quality! Our work speaks for itself. You'll find BLUE microphones are beyond compare as a valuable investment and unsurpassed as a musical production tool. BLUE has its own facility located in Latvia (one of the Baltic states, located outside Russia). At BLUE, we are not interested in cost-effective mass production, which could jeopardize the design quality of our tube and solid state microphones and related products. We design and manufacture all capsules, the heart of the microphone, as well as precision parts, from the smallest screw to the large body shells used for our Bottle microphones. We've researched the needs of engineers and musicians alike, to create an exceptional collection of microphones.

    What makes BLUE microphones so unique, and so valuable? Our unique formula. The mylar film of our BLUE hand-built capsules are sputtered with a special, unique-to-BLUE formula of 24-carat gold of absolute pure (99.99%) quality and aluminum. This special film is tensioned to our own hand-built brass backplates, designed and manufactured in our Riga factory. Our formula allows us to achieve the fastest transient response without the sacrifice of low-end frequencies. BLUE considers the capsule to be the heart of the microphone. This most important element is manufactured solely by us and not sourced from another company. This process is crucial to achieving the unique sound quality that is the trademark of a BLUE microphone.

    Product Specifications

    Blue Microphones Blueberry Specifications

    • Acoustical Operating Principal: Pressure Gradient
    • Directional Pattern: Cardioid
    • Frequency Response: 22Hz–20 kHz
    • Rated impedance: 150 ohms
    • Recommended load impedance: not less than 1000 ohms
    • Sensitivity at 1 kHz into 1 k ohms: 20mV/Pa
    • S/N ratio CCIR468-3: 75 dB
    • S/N ratio DIN/IEC 651: 86 dB-A
    • Noise Level DIN/IEC 651: 8 dB-A
    • Max SPL (0.5% THD)into 2.5k ohms: 133dB
    • Dynamic Range (2.5k ohm load): 95dB
    • Supply Voltage (IEC 268-15): 48V Phantom (35V min)
    • Net weight: 520g
    • Dimensions: 9.25 x 1.97 x 1.18 inches

    Frequency and Polar Response Chart

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  818-879-5200 Warranty:  1 year, tubes 90 days
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