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Product Description

Whether you already own or plan on purchasing a Bose® L1® sound system here at American Musical Supply, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine is the perfect way to maximize your sound and minimize your setup time. One heavy-duty CAT 5 cable (supplied) does it all for Bose L1 Model 1S or Model II system users - from supplying power to the T1, to sending digital audio data to the base’s amplifier.*

Bose T1 ToneMatch Features:

  • Integrated ToneMatch audio engine and audio technologies provide four independent channels featuring a library of ToneMatch instrument and microphone presets, proprietary zEQ and a complete suite of studio-class effects and sound processors.
  • Proprietary ToneMatch presets optimize L1 system to match intended natural sound of specific instruments and vocal mics. More than 100 presets are organized into quick-access banks and can be independently assigned to each channel. Free ongoing updates via USB connection between your computer and ToneMatch audio engine.
  • Proprietary zEQ automatically adjusts the range of tone controls to match your voice or instrument, making it easier to fine-tune your sound. Conventional mixers may have fixed EQ ranges that don't accurately affect desired frequencies when adjusted. But zEQ appropriately redefines low, mid and high frequency ranges of specified sources.
  • Single-band ParaEQ centers on frequency you specify for each independent channel. Valuable tool for reshaping problematic frequencies in certain venues.
  • Five reverb types (small, medium, large, plate and cavern) available for global assignment, with individual channel controls for decay time, mix level and brightness.
  • Three delay types (analog, digital and tape) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over feedback time and mix level for each channel. For example, you can select tape delay for your vocal on channel 1 and analog delay for your guitar on channel 2.
  • Ten modulation effects (three chorus types, two flange types, four phaser types and one vintage tremolo effect) can be independently assigned to selected channels, with control over designated parameters for each channel.
  • Seven dynamics processing types (three compressors, limiter, de-esser, kick gate and noise gate) can be assigned to independent channels.
  • Scenes allow you to store, recall and edit "snapshots" of all key ToneMatch audio engine settings at any given time. This feature helps simplify setup when you're using an L1 system repeatedly in different venues. The engine includes five predefined Bose scenes, five My scenes and five Shared scenes you can give to other L1 owners.
  • Chromatic tuner for convenient tuning of instruments.
  • Large backlit display with intuitive layout and easy-to-read text for modes and settings.
  • Rotary encoder for quick access to modes, effects and parameters, including ToneMatch presets, zEQ, ParaEQ, reverbs, delays, modulators, dynamics processing, scenes and tuner. Features clean, circular layout.
  • Aux mode (channels 1 – 3) send channels' dry, pre-fader or post-fader audio to aux output for connection to additional L1 systems or recording devices. Independent level controls for optimal signal output.
  • Channel volume, mute and FX mute (1 – 4/5) for adjusting individual channel volume, muting individual channels and muting all effects on selected channels.
  • Master volume adjusts overall level of master output.
  • Phantom power applies +48V power to input channels 1 – 3 to drive specific microphones.
  • ToneMatch cable transfers audio signals and provides power to ToneMatch audio engine from L1 power stand.
  • Mounting bar and carriage securely attaches ToneMatch audio engine to L1 loudspeaker.
  • Cover and carrying case help protect engine when storing and transporting.
Product Description
The compact and lightweight T1 features more than 100 proprietary ToneMatch presets for microphones and instruments, ensuring that each of its four channels and Bose zEQ will be ideally matched to any input source. To further enhance your sound, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine also includes a parametric equalizer for each channel, a suite of studio-quality effects (assignable per channel), and storable scenes for instant recall of your custom settings. Did we happen to mention the built-in, high-accuracy Chromatic Tuner?

You can even use the T1 as an audio interface for your PC or Mac utilizing a Type 1 - Type 2 USB cable. This simple connection allows you to take advantage of the T1’s processing power to quickly and easily achieve great-sounding results with many popular brands of recording software. It also works the other way around, as you can use the T1’s USB port to play music back from your PC or Mac through your L1 system.

In short, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine is designed to enhance the capabilities, and more importantly, the sound of any Bose L1 system. Its powerful, easy-to-use tone-shaping tools will quickly and easily bring out the true sound of your instruments and voice. You’ll experience greater control and clarity than you ever thought possible from a compact PA system — and if your results are anything like those reported by many other T1 users, including some of AMS’s own staff — you and your audience will notice the difference!

* Users of the L1 Compact and just about any other PA system can still benefit from the T1 ToneMatch’s features by using an external power supply and a standard ¼-inch shielded cable (sold separately).

Around the Dial in 60 Seconds
The T1 ToneMatch audio engine features a rotary encoder with backlit pointer and labeling for quick selection and adjustment of a wide variety of tone-shaping parameters in any environment. Let’s take a tour around the dial and see what the power of ToneMatch can do for you!

  • ToneMatch Engine

Here’s where you’ll find a large library of customized presets to instantly optimize instruments and microphones for your L1 system. You can even assign different presets to each of the engine's four channels all at the same time. For example, select Shure® mic presets for channels 1 and 2, Taylor® acoustic guitar for channel 3, and Fender® bass for channel 4. You can even drill down to a particular instrument within a category, such a Taylor Grand Concert guitar either strummed or played fingerstyle. Bose regularly works with many popular instrument and microphone manufacturers to create additional ToneMatch presets. Updates are available to you free, with easy downloading via the engine's USB port.

  • zEQ — Intelligent Equalization

Most conventional mixers have fixed EQ ranges that don't necessarily affect the optimum frequencies for a particular input source. However, the T1’s intelligent zEQ is much more than just a typical 3-band EQ — it actually adjusts its range of tone controls based on your ToneMatch preset selection, making it easier to fine-tune your sound with greater accuracy.

  • Para EQ

For those times when you need to zone in on a particular frequency, the ToneMatch’s single-band Parametric EQ can be assigned per channel and is adjustable for a center frequency range of 50Hz - 8000Hz, with a bandwidth of .2 - 5 octaves and a cut/boost range of -15dB - +15dB. You’ll find this to be a valuable tool for reshaping problematic frequencies in certain environments.

  • Comp/Gate

The Comp/Gate setting brings up more than just 3 Compressor and Gate presets — it also allows you to select a Limiter and a De-esser. All dynamics effects in this series are adjustable for Threshold and Gain, plus there’s a bar graph meter for instant visual feedback as to how your applied setting are affecting the signal

  • Mod(ulation)

Select from 3 different Chorus types (Brite, Warm, Dark), 2 Flanger settings (Tape, Feedback), 4 Phase Shifters (Stomp, Rack, Warm, Bright); even Tremolo. Adjustable parameters for fine-tuning include Speed (.52Hz - 50Hz) and Depth 0% - 100%).

  • Delay

Emulating echo sounds from every era of recorded music, the Delay function allows you to choose from Tape, Analog, and Digital. Adjust your Mix from 0% to 100%; delay times ranging from 1.5ms to 496ms; and Feedback of 0% to 100%. Whether you want that classic Elvis slapback echo, long delays with infinite repeats, or anything in between — you’ll find it quickly and easily with a few button pushes and knob twists.

  • Reverb

 At first glance, one might think that this is not a very flexible Reverb processor. After all, you can only adjust Mix and Bright settings. However, the heavy lifting is handled by the Reverb Type setting in the Global section. Let’s move on, shall we? 

  • Reverb Type

Select from five different reverb types, including Plate, Small, Medium, Large, and Cavern — then adjust Time from .20 seconds to a whopping 9.85 seconds of decay. Whether you’re trying to emulate the ambient effect of singing in your shower or yelling into the Grand Canyon, the T1 ToneMatch audio engine has you covered.

  • Prefs

Here you’ll find Input meters for all four channels, as well as Output levels for Master, Aux and USB; ToneMatch preset preferences; settings for USB functionality; Master Out preferences — basically all of your utility-type settings and metering.

  • Scenes

Save all of your custom ToneMatch settings into one of ten User scenes, or select from five factory scenes (Factory Settings, Singer/Songwriter, DJ/Playback, Drums and Bass, The Works). Of the ten User scenes, five are Shared scenes that you can give to other L1 owners. Select “Factory Settings” if you’ve lost your way and want to return home to start anew.

  • Aux

This setting controls what type of signal the ToneMatch audio engine’s Aux output will send to an external destination. Choose from three settings that offer the flexibility to handle any situation — “Dry: After Preamp”; “Pre: With EQ & Fx”; or “Post: After Fader”.

  • Tuner

Always the company that never misses on the small details, Bose has clearly done their homework in regard to their L1 customers’ wants and needs. As such, they’ve included a highly-accurate chromatic tuner with a clear, stable display that is capable of being transposed up or down one full step.

The Ins and Outs; FX and Channel Muting
Channels one - three feature a dual-purpose XLR/Balanced TRS 1/4-inch jack that is capable of handling just about any input signal with low noise and signal loss. Phantom power is assignable to all three channels via a Phantom button with LED indicator on the top panel. These channels also provide a Preamp Out for sending signal directly from the channel to an external mixer, amplifier, or recording device.

Channel 4/5 is a dual Line input on two balanced 1/4-inch jacks. These are ideally suited to handle line-level signals that are either mono or stereo; both are affected identically by the CH Edit controls. All channels have a Trim control with multi-color LED to optimally adjust input signal gain for low noise and distortion. There are also individual FX Mute buttons per channel for cutting just the effects, as well as four overall channel Mute buttons.

Mixer output is handled by a Master out and an Aux out. The Master output can be set to output your combined channel mix either before or after the Master volume knob. As described previously in the Aux section, you can choose from three settings for output to this jack — “Dry: After Preamp”; “Pre: With EQ & Fx”; or “Post: After Fader”.

Audio Interface for PC or Mac
The Bose T1 Tonematch audio engine can also be used as an audio interface for your PC or Mac. Simply plug a USB cable between the T1 and your computer (Type1 - Type2), set your software to record at 48kHz/24 bit, and capture your music and/or vocals utilizing the versatile processing power of the T1. It even works the other way around — you can use the T1’s USB port to play music back from your PC or Mac through your L1 system.

What's In The Box?
  • Heavy-duty ToneMatch/L1 Interface Cable
  • Mounting Bar and Carriage for Mounting to the L1
  • Hard-shell Protective Cover
  • Carrying bag

warning WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  1-800-905-0886 Warranty:  Limited Transferable Warranty; 5 years speakers, 2 years power stand and electronics: Headphones; 1 Year Limited

Product Specifications

Customer Reviews

Review: Adam Submitted: 5/7/2019

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Perfect for Acoustic Band
Product Rating

Product Review

I highly recommend this product for any acoustic band out there playing bars. Easy set up with the tone matching and the effects are stellar. Give this a try!

Review: Davell Submitted: 10/24/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Well Worth the money

Product Review

Just got this product yesterday on 10-23-18 wow what a difference it makes to the sound on my L1 1S system. Now before I purchase I did my research on YOUTUBE on this product and once again there is not enough info on this product for DJing. Before I pick up the T1 I always used BBE Sonic Maximizer 282ix on my system. It sound good but I always noticed the L1 was always clipping. But after hooking the T1 up it's not clipping any more. I have the master gain set at 9 o'clock on the L1 and the channel4/5 on the T1 at 12 o'clock. OMG the sound is so amazing. If you have any Bose system you need to pick up this system you will love it. It's well worth the money. Once again Bose made a perfect match for the L1 system

Review: Chris Howard Submitted: 10/4/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



It’s compact, powerful and easy to setup

Product Review

First of all it’s Bose. With my L1 system, setup is a breeze. Don’t let the size fool you, the sound out of the two together is huge. Thanks AMS for backing another great product.

Review: Tim Submitted: 9/5/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Great little machine

Product Review

This is the second T1 I’ve owned. Sold the first. Absolutely love this for small shows. Built in effects are solid. Sounds great even through my old Yamaha tops.

Review: Cody Submitted: 9/5/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



Simplicity w/ great features!

Product Review

I have an MGX20 and I wanted something smaller for solo gigs or weddings. The effects are great and it is easy to use and understand. At this price it’s worth every penny!

Review: Devin M Vaughn Submitted: 8/13/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



well worth the money

Product Review

very easy to use and learn to adjust

Review: Bryan Myers Submitted: 7/12/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



This should come packaged with the L1 Compact

Product Review

The T1 tone match engine is an excellent addition for the L1 Compact, which I have. The additional inputs allow increased versatility.

Review: Jamie Sims Submitted: 1/8/2018

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



If you have a Bose L1 system this is a must have. Brings the system to life!

Product Review

This unit is absolutely designed for the Bose L1 system it really brings a system to life when you put them together I would recommend this to anyone that has an L1 system. Although they are one system will work with about any mixer the tone quality you get when you match these two up is unbelievable. If you got an L1 do yourself a favor and pick one of these up to go with it you will be well pleased!

Review: Ray Submitted: 1/6/2017

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.




Product Review

Very elegant, makes my system look nice.

Review: K. Larry Hooker Submitted: 6/10/2014

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



This is not exclusively for Bose systems!!!

Your general opinion of this product.

This little gadget is great. Instead of lugging around a big mixing board to get compression, reverb, echo or a host of other effects I bring this very portable tool with me. It is very easy to adjust and even has pre-designed settings for my sure SM-57. While I bought it originally for my Bose system I also own a Fishman system. Not only can it do all the necessary mixing I need, but it expands the input capabilities of the Fishman. In fact I don't even use the mike or guitar inputs on the Fishman, rather I plug this unit through the auxiliary input and control everything from the Bose T1. THis leaves the Fishman inputs available should other friends show up to jump in.

It is well built and I have had no problems whatsoever,

Set up is easy. Once you get your particular settings done they are all saved for the future,

I might add a chorus setting, but other than that I think it has about all one might need.

Great once you have it set to match your particular taste,

No problems.


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