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You will find that the Karma Suture has the potential to enhance your pedalboard in a variety of ways. Use it as an amazing fuzz. Use it as a harmonically enhancing boost after an overdrive to really get that part to stand out in the mix. Use it as your only overdrive pedal. Use it to add new life to your wahs, phasers, and other effects. It can be subtle. Or it can be over the top.

The folks at Catalinbread experiment with lots of different circuits when exploring new ideas, always looking for that spark of something special. During one such prototyping session, one particular circuit really stood out - a rare and obscure circuit known as the Harmonic Percolator. This circuit has the amazing property of generating predominantly even-order harmonics - which creates an amazingly sweet and clear distortion.

Oddly enough, the ‘Percolator has a reputation for creating an ugly sound, albeit a cool and ugly sound. But, Catalinbread found something beautiful in it. So beautiful that you could play complex jazz chords through it and every note rings sweet and clear. So, using the original circuit as the springboard, they created the Karma Suture.

At the heart of the circuit is a NOS PNP germanium transistor coupled with a silicon NPN transistor. This is the magic pair to give you the sweetest harmonic generation and most dynamic playing response. The Karma Suture is capable of a wide range of sweet, even-order harmonic distortion responses - from heavily saturated fuzz tones, to big and open overdrive, to sparkling boost. And no matter how you have the pedal set, the tone and response is always alive, ands sensitive to your every playing nuance.

The original Harmonic Percolator had only two controls, ‘Harmonics’ and ‘Balance’ controlling the input level (fuzz) and the output level respectively. Catalinebread kept these controls, renaming them with words that describe the attributes that they actually control INPUT and OUTPUT. To overcome the control surface limitations of the original circuit, they developed the exclusive DIODES and DENSITY controls that give you complete control over the amount of clipping and compression and frequency response. The addition of these two controls gives the Karma Suture the versatility to be paired with virtually any guitar and amp.

Although it works great off of a 9V power supply, it is suggested that you use a fresh battery to power your new Karma Suture, without any other pedals, plugging straight into your amplifier set up for a full clean to verge of breaking up tone. In order for you to become acquainted with your new Karma, start by setting all of the knobs to noon, listen to and feel where this takes your playing!

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Wesley J. Davey, III Submitted: 12/11/2016
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Product Rating
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This Pedal ROCKS!!!! Very Unique & Very Versatile!!!! DEF 5 Stars *****
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