Ddrum DDTRS Red Shot Snare And Tom Trigger

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Product Description

The Ddrum Red Shot Trigger uses the same patented transducer technique (VAM) as the famous Ddrum Trigger.
The specially designed transducer is softly pressed against the drumhead. The ultra-light pressure of the transducer against the head prevents any damping effect. The Red Shot is extremely easy to use and to mount: just remove one tension screw, apply the trigger and put the screw back on again. No adhesive is needed. The Ddrum Red Shot can be used on both snares and different kinds of toms. It features a 1/4-inch jack for connection to a DdrumAT, ddrum3 or ddrum4 sound module. Thanks to the patented transducer solution, the Red Shot Trigger detects dynamics in a very realistic way - a must for any drummer.

Using the Ddrum Red Shot Trigger together with DdrumAT/3/4 sound modules is a great combination for drummers who want perfect drum sounds without compromising with the acoustic sound. The Ddrum4 sound module offers the fastest trig response time on the market, and together with Ddrum Red Shot Triggers you'll get a perfect combination of acoustic and digital drums.

The main differences between Ddrum Red Shot Trigger and the Ddrum Trigger is the mechanical design, the 1/4-inch jack instead of XLR, and of course - the lower price!

Try out the Ddrum Red Shot Trigger - the perfect low cost alternative for the demanding drummer.

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Phone:  813-600-3920 Warranty:  Diablo Drums: 1 year on parts and shells.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications


  • Connector: 1/4"

Mount the triggers on you drums. Press softly downwards towards the drumhead and tighten the tension screw that locks the Tom Triggers to the rims. Make sure the screws are firmly tightened but not too hard. Don’t worry, they will not come off. When mounting the Kick Trigger, remove one tension screw. Put the tension screw through the hole of the Red Shot Kick Trigger and back on the drum again. If necessary, also apply the supplied distance washer to make the entire trigger sensor surface touch the drum head. You may have to bend the trigger plate slightly to fine-adjust the position.

When you set up your toms we suggest that you match the tuning of your acoustic drums and the sounds produced by the ddrum4 SE module. Otherwise you might experience the total drum sound as less natural. Matching the tuning will make the composite sound (digital and acoustic) much more natural and you will feel more comfortable when playing the system. The higher in pitch you tune your drum, the weaker the trig signal will get. This may not be a problem, but if you find that you need more gain from your Triggers, lower the tuning of the drum. If the Snare double triggers while you hit other drums, or itself, it can depend on the snare bed. Try to tighten the snare bed properly. If that isn’t the problem try to raise the trig threshold or increase the crosstalk value a little.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


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