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Dean Markley 2678A Blue Steel NPS Bass Guitar Strings 5-String

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Product Description

Dean Markley Blue Steel Nickel Plated strings are the perfect answer for all players wanting that great Nickel Plated sound. Put a set on and see what these fantastic electric Bass Strings are all about.

The String
Dean Markley said that your requests for Nickel Plated Blue Steel bass strings inspired them to come up with the perfect design to provide you with the very best NPS bass strings made. As you’d expect, they are manufactured with the same exacting process as the original Blue Steel bass.

Dean Markley Blue Steel are the world's first and finest Cryogenic-processed strings.
Blue Steel strings are a total breakthrough in string technology. Starting with the very finest quality materials, Blue Steel strings are frozen to minus 320 degrees Fahrenheit, held there for an exact period of time and then slowly and carefully brought back to their original temperature. This unique Cryogenic treatment realigns the molecular structure of the string, giving Blue Steel more highs and lows, a longer life and greater ability to stay in tune.

The Dean Markley Blue Steel Experience
It was an accident, really.

I was in the local music shop when I overheard someone asking the salesman if he knew of any bass players who were looking for a gig. Before I realized what I was saying, I had volunteered myself. It was at that point that I realized the guy asking the question was the frontman for the coolest band in town. I found myself stammering a response when he asked for my number, knowing that I was probably in over my head. This band was good, and I figured they’d never call me.

Still, I went home excited, and practiced more than usual. I wanted to make sure that if I got the chance, I wouldn’t embarrass myself. A few days went by, and I had all but given up hope, when the phone rang. My audition would be that evening.

I was hoping that the routine of changing strings would help settle my nerves, so I grabbed a set of Blue Steels. As I was working, I kept telling myself that if I kept things simple and solid, I could play with these guys. But the butterflies were as strong as ever. I was starting my deep-breathing exercises when the Blue Steel package caught my eye. The words Cryogenic Activated leaped out at me, and I thought that maybe if someone froze me, I’d be cool enough to pass this audition. And it was as simple as that. I pictured myself as cool as could be, and the nerves disappeared.

And when it was time for the audition, I was ready. A quick touch of the strings reminded me to keep cool, and then I just played in the pocket and let my tone speak for itself. And it must have been convincing, because I got the gig…

Dean Markley Blue Steel bass strings. Keep your cool.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
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Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Dean Markely Blue Steel NPS 5 String Bass Strings Specifications

Individual Gauges

  • Light (2678A); .045, .060, .080, .100, .125

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews


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