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The Dean Vendetta XMT has the same features as Dean XM but with a tremolo bridge for serious dive bombing.
This is low-key, no-frills perfection from Dean. Only the neccesities are here and the unique Dean headstock tops it all off. The Vendetta XMT has a marvelous looking lightweight body with incredible resonance. Dual naked humbuckers and the vintage style tremolo pump out huge chunk and a searing sustain while the Rosewood fretboard on a maple neck with 24-fret access finishes out this sweet and fleet guitar.

Dean Vendetta XMT Features
  • Dual humbucking pickups
  • Vintage Tremolo
  • Rosewood fingerboard
  • Lightweight body with incredible resonance
  • Strong maple neck design

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  813-600-3920 Warranty:  5 Years Material and Workmanship

Customer Reviews

Review: c dodson Submitted: 5/31/2019

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


More bang for the buck
Product Rating

Product Review

Excellent guitar. Quality control is a whole lot better than many Gibson guitars I have purchased. Pickups are great for clean tone and distortion ahhhhhh!good but not the greatest. Hey 140.00 guitar it is well worth more than that. I have always been a fan of Dean guitars and this one doesn't fail to its Dean cousins I have had before. Excellent item for the beginner and the well seasoned guitarist. Buy with confidence

Review: DAVE PEDERSEN from REDWOOD CITY,CA. 94063 Submitted: 5/11/2012

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.



THE WEIGHT IS EXTREMELY LIGHT;GOOD FOR PLAYERS WITH BAD BACKS-tuning slips if you push the whammy too hard the knobs have come off in the heat of the moment!the finish wears


Your general opinion of this product.



hot hot hot!



Review: Rick S. from Kansas City, KS, Submitted: 2/5/2012

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Best Budget Guitar out there

The quality seems top notch...I've only had mine for a month or so but it has held up well after being played 5 hours a day in studio work... The tremlo is very basic, not a floyd rose by any means but does hold tune pretty well.

Very reliable, only had it a month but so far so good

Your general opinion of this product.

I was a little unsure about this purchase, my Dean acoustic is solid but alot more expensive, the Vendetta turned out to be one of my favorite guitars Ive ever owned!

plays as well as any guitar I've ever owned, which has been many, its fast, no buzz, light weight with a deep tone, very comfortable guitar to hold and play for hours

Great tone for a $100 guitar, tuned it down and started playing and great tone...deep enuff for metal, bright enuff for blues, playing clean finger style ...great tone

The finish sucks....the picture looks like a nice glossy wood finish and its not...finish is just awful....but dont let that warn you off this guitar

Action out of the box beat my Ibanez that was $1500...after the first 5 hours of playing I decided to leave the action alone, it plays smooth and fast as is!

Review: Cory from Weirton,WV, Submitted: 10/30/2011

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


Great guitar for a musician on a budget

Its a guitar thats under a hundred and twenty dollars. If you are expecting it to sound and feel like a 380 Floyd, or an upper end Schecter you may be dissappointed, but overall its an amazing guitar. I forgot to mentin in the overall section, that the tremolo is GARBAGE, it barely moves and you are just going to knock your guitar ten types of out of tune trying. If you want it for the tremolo, save up and spend the extra 180 on the 350 Floyd with the locking nut.

I bought this to take back and forth to practice. My lead singers house gets frigid in the winter and autumn, and he lives in the middle of nowhere. I wanted a guitar that I wouldnt be too upset about something happening to it, but is holds up well, and I've actually played a couple of shows with it. It is an amazing guitar especially for the money.

Your general opinion of this product.

Overall, I love the guitar. My fiance bought me the natural black finish version of the guitar for our anniversary last year. It sounds great, but dean's stock pick ups are always amazing. The finish was nothing like the picture showed wich is why I gave it a lower rating for the finish. It grew on me though. For a hundred and nineteen dollars you wont find a better guitar.

The neck is fast, it is a very light guitar( at least in comparison to my Jackson Kelly that was my main axe for years)

The band I was in was mainly thrash and power metal, and it worked well for that. It has a great crunch and cleans up nice as well.

I ordered the natural black which looked beautiful(I should mention that I got the guitar last year from another music store, not AMS because I didnt know this site existed) When it arrived, it looked nothing like the site had shown, but it did grow on me.

The neck is pretty thin and easily manouverable. I play alot of speed metal, thrash, black metal, and punk, and the neck is very fast.

Review: thomas roman from post falls idaho USA, Submitted: 3/18/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


aswome for the price

very dependable

can take any damge way better then my last guitar last a long time

Your general opinion of this product.

good product love good for beginners even good for non-beginners.

playing feels good feels easy to play

bright and snappy

great paint job no strekes no nothing

Review: Eli J. from Hampton, VA, USA Submitted: 2/15/2010

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.


Not bad for a beginner guitar

it could have been better. the switches and knobs were kinda loose when i got it and the wires not soldered right

very reliable. the only problem i had was the soldering but other than that it was always a good back up guitar when the others needed repair

Your general opinion of this product.

Its pretty good besides the crappy soldering but that can easily be fixed. but make sure you do it before you forget which wire goes where.

very light which isnt bad. the pickup switch will start to unscrew itself so just tighten it every now and then

pickups sucked but thats why its a beginners guitar

very nice paint. although it said black, i enjoy the dark metallic green look it gets when its in the light

not bad but like the guy before me said, gets out of tune quickly with using tremolo arm

Review: Jimbo! from Lawton, OK USA, Submitted: 12/29/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Great guitar to customize!

The paluwona body is really light, but that's good. I've had it for 6 months and its held up fine. I've dropped it, hit against the wall and hit my bassist in the head with it. The tremolo arm is pretty weak and can knock it out of tune with to much dive bombing, but a little slap upwards puts it right back.

So far so good. I'm currently in the desert and its taking a beating but it still sounds great. For the price you can't beat it.

Your general opinion of this product.

Nay sayers need to stay away. This does not come ready to play out of the box. It needs some setup. But if you play guitar, you should know how to do that and not complain about it. Every guitar needs your personal touch. I play with a medium action because i like to fight the strings when I play. I've customized mine with some graphics (stickers) and new pickups, tuners and a new tremolo arm on the way. I've basically spent less than 500 bucks on parts including the guitar and I have my own custom model. Who doesn't want one of those? lol Great guitar, great price. GO DEAN!

I love the feel. I love it better than my Les Paul. Everything is easy to reach on the axe.

The original pickups are loud. Adjust them to your taste. Really crunchy sound with a little brightness. I've since replaced them with SD Distortion Mayhem Pickups. Sounds great.

I don't care about paint jobs, but the black was nice. After a few sessions it scratched. But if you're worried about the paint getting scratched on your guitar, then you should stop playing guitar and become a monk or something. YOUR GUITAR IS GOING TO SCRATCH REGARDLESS OF WHAT GUITAR YOU'RE PLAYING. DEAL WITH IT!

I adjusted mine. It was a little high for my liking, but it took like 5 minutes to set it. Also, check your intonation. Mine was off, but I like doing that anyway with every axe I own. Every guitarist should know how to do it.

Review: Danny from Eagle Pass Submitted: 12/2/2008

Product Rating2 out of 5 stars.


Not Recommended

It's a practice guitar for beginners. Excellent for children.

I wouldn't use this for any serious playing nor recording.

Your general opinion of this product.

It won't give a decent tone nor will it play as great as those worth a hundred more.

The action is decent but it buzzes out of the box and if you get rid of the buzz the strings will be too high to play. It feels and plays like I should have gotten a better guitar.

I replaced the pickups with some Dimarzio humbuckers and it still sounded like a $100 dollar guitar.

I scratched it with less than a week. Which I've never owned a scratch guitar until that day.

Un-adjustable, but great if you're a novice player that just wants to play a few chords. (Lead guitarists don't buy this.)

Review: Garrett from California Submitted: 11/1/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Dean Vendetta

i think that this guitar is made actually pretty well and it is my first electric and i like it A LOT!!!!! so for me it is pretty dependable

i have only had this guitar for a few weeks and so far it still gets the job done ;)

Your general opinion of this product.

overall this guitar is pretty good and i would recomend it for a first time guitar and it is also pretty cheap

the guitar feels great the neck is nice it is easy for me to manuver all up and down the neck

the tone of the guitar is pretty good i would maybe get some other strings but if you dont need to these are actually alright

the paint job of the guitar says its black and from a distance it looks blackk but when you look at it really close up it kinda looks like a dark green

all you have to do is tune the guitar, plug and play

Review: Sean from Bay City MI USA, Submitted: 9/2/2008

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Dean does it again

This is a great guitar, sounds great and looks awesome.

I have owned this guitar for the past month, it keeps a great tune, the only complaint is broke the g during tuning. But, with new strings it is even better than before.

Your general opinion of this product.

Overall it is a fantastic guitar that could be sold for 3 times as much.

It feels ok out of the box. But, with new strings tone is better and playabilty is greatly improved.

The tone is great, it has a great bluesy sound with just a hint of death metal. One happy customer.

Glossy black looks sweet.

Ok just needed new strings


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