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DigiTech RP355 Guitar Multieffects Pedal with USB

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Product Description

The RP355 modeling guitar processor provides you complete control over your effects at the click of a footswitch. Guitarist need an extensive array of sonic possibilities whether they are gigging, practicing or composing. The RP355 guitar multi-effect processor pedal gives you 126 amps, cabinets, stompboxes, and effects allowing you to get virtually any sound you want, just like the pros. With 2x2 USB streaming audio and Cubase LE4, the RP355 allows you to easily record directly to your computer with sounds so good people will think that your song was recorded in a major studio.

Digitech RP355 Guitar Multi-Effects Processor Pedal Features

  • 20 Second looper
  • 126 Amps, cabinets, stompboxes and effects
  • 34 Amp/Acoustic Types
  • 18 Cabinet Types
  • Lexicon Reverbs
  • 30 Tone and 30 Effects Libraries
  • 140 presets (70 factory, 70 user)
  • Cubase LE4 recording software included
  • Up to 5 seconds of delay time
  • 24-bit 44.1kHz sample rate
  • 60 High quality drum patterns
  • 2 x 2 USB audio streaming
  • USB editing via DigiTech X-Edit
  • Independent 1/4 inch Left and Right Outputs
  • Independent Balanced XLR Left and Right Outputs
  • Amp / Mixer switch optimizes 1/4 inch outputs for amps and mixers
  • Stereo 1/8 inch headphone output
  • Stereo 1/8 inch Aux Input
  • Learn-A-Lick Phrase Trainer
  • Built-in chromatic tuner
  • Durable die-cast chassis
  • Built-in expression pedal
  • Power supply included

Product Specifications
Digitech RP355 Specifications

      A/D Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
      D/A Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
      Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz throughout
      DSP Section: 1 Audio DNA2 DSP Processor
      Simultaneous Effects: 11
      Preset Memory: 70 User / 70 Factory Presets
      Drum Machine: 60 High Quality Patterns
    Guitar Input:
      Impedance: 500K Ohms
      Maximum input signal: 8 dBu
    Line Output:
      Impedance: 500 Ohms unbalanced / 2K Ohms balanced
      Maximum Output level: +10dBu
    XLR Outputs:
      Impedance: 1K Ohms balanced
      Maximum Output level: +16 dBu
    Headphone Output:
      Impedance: 50 Ohms
      Maximum Output level: 13.6 mW / channel
    Power Requirements:
      USA/Canada: 120 VAC, 60 H
      Adapter: PS0913B-120
    USB Specifications
      USB: 2.0 compliant
      Audio streaming: 2 channels to computer, 2 channels from computer
      Sample rate: 44.1 kHZ
    Size and Weight
      Unit Dimensions (W x H x D): 12.875 x 8.375 x 2.5 inches
      Shipping Weight: 5.75 lbs
    Windows Software Requirements
      Vista Home/Premium, XP Home/Professional (SP 2 installed, .NET Framework 2.0* installed)
      800 MHz processor speed (1.2 GHz recommended)
      512MB RAM (1GB recommended)
        *.NET 2.0 will be installed during installation of X-Edit software if required on XP systems
    Mac Software Requirements
      OS 10.4.x, 10.5
      PowerPC or Intel G4, G5 processor 800 MHz (1.2 GHz recommended)
      512MB RAM (1GB recommended)

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  801-566-8800 Warranty:  1 Year
Caleb B. Submitted: 5/8/2014
Product Rating
music store in a Stompbox
Product Rating
Your general opinion of this product.
Have you ever walked into music store, sat down at one of their pre-assembled pedal boards, and thought.. "Geeze, i certainly wish I could afford all of this."? Surprise! RP355! Stop moping around about your negative bank account and buy one. I promise you won't need a $2400 30 pedal super-board after buying this DigiTech Product.
AMS Responds:
The product seems crafted with care. All case pieces are flush and professionally fitted with quality material. All knobs, readouts, lights, and the Exp-Pedal seem perfected installed.
AMS Responds:
It's very user friendly if you enjoy reading the wall of text in the Owner's Manual. Seriously though, it's easy to use and feels like a well seasoned veteran.
AMS Responds:
Anything. You. Want.
AMS Responds:
There is absolutely only ONE complaint that i have about the "action". The Exp-Pedal (fully depressed) activates the "Wah" effect. The problem with this, is that it's very easy to accidentally press this button and turn on/off the Wah by mistake in the middle of playing.
AMS Responds:
Very clean and well-finished.
AMS Responds:
It's lasted two days so far. If it EVER decides that it wants to break, i will re-edit this review describing the time-frame and circumstances of the failure. (It looks like it will hold up for at least 2-3 years of moderate usage.)
AMS Responds:
Donny K from Pottsville, PA Submitted: 10/14/2013
Product Rating
Your general opinion of this product.
I have been playing on and off for 30 years. Iam currently on and loving it all over again. I recently decide I needed an upgrade on the old yamaha processor I had and heard about Digitech processors. I haven't yet learned how to use all of the features because I'm having so much fun playing with the looper and drum machine!
So far so good. It seams to be very solid.
Guitardaddy from Port Charlotte, FL Submitted: 5/23/2013
Product Rating

Not as great as I hoped
Your general opinion of this product.
The pedal is built nice but the sound is terrible, very muddy. Ended up sending back for something else.
Steve from Washington State Submitted: 10/17/2011
Product Rating

Great Effects Box - Easy to use and understand
Seems quite sturdily constructed
Only had 3 weeks - expect it will last
Your general opinion of this product.
Very good value for the money
Wide variety of tones and effects
Benjamin Minor from Morganton NC USA Submitted: 6/25/2011
Product Rating

The Best Digitech Multi Effects Yet !
Like I said before the best in my book. Can't go wrong with a digitech.
Well I have owned digitech products since 1995 and I have never found a product that can even come close to what digitech offers.
Your general opinion of this product.
Very versatile for any musician.
She feels great.
Every tone you could possibly imagine. I would estimate well over a million tone options maybe infinite should be the word.
It is a nice finish since it is powdercoated it should last a long time.
Ride that wah wah like a see saw baby.
Bob from NorthCentral PA Submitted: 5/25/2011
Product Rating

Versatile and a Good Value
Seems well made. I can only hope it outlasts the warranty.
No way to tell as yet.
Your general opinion of this product.
There are many sounds and combinations to be had from this processor. While the manual is decent, it would have to be 2 or 3 times the size to give all the necessary details. It took me quite a number of hours before I was able to set it up to my be used in live performances, making switches on-the-fly. The most difficult thing to do is to get the volumes of all of the presets nearly equal with the heel of the vol. pedal back and the max. vol adjusted properly for the toe down. This is really essential for a live playing situation where there isn't time to make adjustments for each number. Setting/modifying the other parameters was quite intuitive for anyone who is familiar with amps and has used a few effects pedals. I didn't care for most of the factory presets "as-is". I'd probably buy the unit again. It's not as good as individual effects pedals, but is more cost effective and convenient.
If you are using the unit for recording, or playing with no care about time between songs, it's simple to use; but if you are setting it up for live performances, be prepared to spend considerable time and lot's of re-do's (consistent volume from one preset to another is the challenging task.)
I covered "tone" under "sound". Many good replications, and a few lousy ones, too.
Finish/cosmetics are very good.
BiggJohn from Saint Peters MO, USA Submitted: 4/21/2011
Product Rating

Better than I imagined a digital pedal could sound!
Well made product indeed and feels sucure when stomping as I play rough and look for products that do as well. Its 8lbs of fun and endless possiblities.
over 2 weeks I say great and the way its built, I would say it will do just fine.
Your general opinion of this product.
So far in past couple of weeks I can only wish the pedal and buttons were farther apart (size 13 shoe), other than that its an all out ballz to the wall multi pedal that 95% of it I cant complain about, Digitech got this right.
Well it is smooth switching with feeling of precisness and timeing.
Great tone from this thing and it doesnt eat my tube amp tone up and spit it out like most digital effects, I had a Digitech RP80 before and got rid of it as it did that, but took the chance at this one and glad I did. I have a Route 66 pedal and the sustain and compressor on this Digitech can be set to match it lets just say.
Paint, covering is in good shape
Switches and Expression pedal I assume we will talk about here, all good and fast acting, precise infact even the looper portion.
Dave from Olympia, WA USA Submitted: 10/3/2010
Product Rating

A Bargain that does it all
Seems to be quite durable.
Only had it for a month, can't tell but it seems pretty bullet-proof.
Your general opinion of this product.
I've played acoustic guitar for years and several months ago got a great deal on an Epiphone Sheraton electric guitar and a Fender Blues Deluxe tube amp. I'm into jazz and blues, not metal-shredding, but to take advantage of the electric guitar I needed an effects processor--the amp's spring reverb is great but I wanted more. I looked around at various highly-rated single-effect pedals and realized I could easily spend more than I paid for the guitar. I bought the RP355 and it's all I'll ever need--it does it all.
It's a little clunky getting the feel of the controls that require pressing different pedals simultaneously to enter bypass or tuning mode, but works well after a bit of practice.
not applicable
It's functional--who cares?
It requires some individual setup and calibration, which took aboub half an hour.
Victor from San Antonio,TX, USA, Submitted: 11/23/2009
Product Rating

Awesome Pedal for your money
Its very dependable.
the thing is built like a rock
Your general opinion of this product.
so many effects, plus two LFO's
The pedals sometimes can get annoying, becuase the pedal is sensitive. I mean to go up one channel or turn off or on the wah it needs a lite tap not a press then it will go to 20 channels above and turn on and off the wah really fast. I think I am not use to the pedal that doesnt need a stomp
total tweakablity
it still ticking, the presets on the device are good, it fits all playing types. In my case I had to tweak the pedal so that I can get a good metal sound.
MV from El Paso, TX, USA Submitted: 9/21/2009
Product Rating

Awesome multiFX pedal unit !!!
So far so good.
I can’t say too much on this regard, since I just got the unit for a month, so far so good though.
Your general opinion of this product.
Same as the action subject field.
Just awesome!!!
I think here Digitech have some room for improvement, the unit can definitely be modified to have a better appeal (looks). Mechanically and electronically speaking I can only add that so far so good.
Pedals respond really rapidly and easily with minimum touch. You might find that to be very convenient or inconvenient, depending on your own perspective point of view. In my case suited very well.
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