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DigiTech RP500 Guitar MultiEffects Pedal

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Product Description

The DigiTech RP500 delivers easy control over your tone on stage!
The DigiTech RP500 guitar multi-effect processor gives you the ability to control program changes, complete signal chains and allows you to turn all amplifier and cabinet sounds off in the exclusive Pedalboard mode. When in Pedalboard mode the RP500 acts like 5 separate stompboxes and effects. Save each combo in a preset for a uniquely switchable pedal setup not found anywhere else but pro rigs.

Free Version 2.0 Upgrade is Now Available for Download at!!
The Version 2.0 upgrade adds a 20-second looper to your RP500 so you can now
lay down a track, loop it, add another track with a different preset to help when
creating songs or just build a song live on stage! 

DigiTech RP500 Modeling Guitar Processor Features
  • Pedalboard mode changes switching to emulate 5 selectable stompboxes or effects
  • Amp and Cabinet Bypass defeats internal amp and cabinet effects in all programs
  • Heavy-duty vacuum switches for:
    • Program changes
    • Effect On and Off changes
    • Bank up and down
    • Tap tempo and tuner
  • Bright LEDs display program status and effect On and Off
  • Large 10 character LED display for program name, bank name and tuner
  • Stereo XLR and 1/4-inch Outputs with ground lift
  • Built-in expression pedal  to controls internal effects including
    • Wah
    • Volume
    • Whammy
    • Other effect parameters
  • All metal construction
The RP500’s stage control allows you to quickly and easily change your tone mid-song and eliminates the tap dance of individual effects while retaining the ability to individual switch on/off the effects.

The RP500 is built like a tank from a cast metal chassis to the 9 vacuum-style switches. A large 10 character LED display makes for easy stage use topped by an built-in expression pedal to control wahs, volume, Whammy and other parameters.

Your sound is king, the control of your sound is imperative. The RP500 gives you the control to express yourself the way you want – No longer will the lack of control stand in the way of your expression.

View a List of the RP500's Amp Models, Cabinet Models, Distortions and Effects HERE.

Incredible versatility
The RP500 is a powerful multi-effect processor designed specifically for the performing guitarist. Designed for the rigors demanded on stage, the RP500 is built like a tank with a cast metal chassis, 9 heavy-duty metal switches, and metal expression pedal. Stage control is easy with big LED indicators that display program or pedal status, large 10- character LED display. XLR and 1/4-inch outputs with ground lift give you the ability to run to your amp and directly into to a mixer.

For players who only want effects, the RP500’s exclusive Amp/Cabinet Bypass and Pedalboard buttons let you defeat amp and cabinet effects in all presets and let you turn on and off effects just like individual stompboxes. The built-in expression pedal gives you real-time control over effects and parameters such as volume, wah, chorus speed, delay level and much more.

For the home studio players, the RP500 also features USB audio streaming for computer recording. Steinberg Cubase LE4 music production software is also included. X-Edit Editor/Librarian software for both Mac and PC lets you easily program and archive all your sounds via its intuitive user interface.

Product Specifications
DigiTech RP500 Specifications

  • Chassis: Durable cast metal construction
  • Display: Large 8 character alpha-numeric and 2 character numeric LED display
  • Footswitches: 9 heavy duty vacuum-style switches
    • Bypass
    • Tap Tempo
    • Bank up/down
    • Program up/down
    • Tuner
    • Program access
    • Stompbox/effect on/off
  • Expression Pedal: Built-in
  • A/D Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
  • D/A Converter: 24-bit high performance audio
  • Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz throughout
  • DSP Section: 1 Audio DNA2 DSP Processors
  • Preset Memory: 99 User / 99 Factory Presets
Analog Input Connections
  • Guitar Input: 1/4 inch
  • Guitar Input Impedance: 1M Ohms
  • Maximum input signal: 8 dBu
Analog Output Connections
  • Line Outputs:
    • Impedance: 1K Ohms unbalanced / 2K Ohms balanced
    • Maximum Output Level: 23 dBu
  • Mixer Outputs:
    • Impedance: 2K Ohms balanced
    • Maximum Output level: 23 dBu
  • Headphone Outputs:
    • Minimum Headphone Impedance: 50 Ohms
    • Output Power: 250 mW per channel
    • Electronic SNR: = 110dB


  • USB: 2.0 compliant
  • Audio streaming: 2 channels to computer, 2 channels from computer
  • Sample rate: 44.1 kHz


  • Dimensions (WxHxD) : 19.5 x 2.25 x 8.75 inches
Computer Minimum System Requirements


  • Operating System:
    • Vista Home/Premium
    • XP Home/Professional (SP2 installed, *NET 2.0 installed)
  • Processor: Pentium/Athlon 1.4GHz or later
  • RAM: 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended)
  • Storage: 180MB hard disk space for application
  • Other:
    • DVD-ROM drive
    • USB Port
  • Internet Connection: Required for Cubase activation
*NET 2.0 will be installed during installation of X-Edit software if required on XP systems


  • Operating System: OS 10.4.x or later
  • Processor: PowerPC G4/G5 1GHz or later
  • RAM: 512MB RAM (1GB RAM recommended)
  • Storage: 180MB hard disk space for application
  • Other:
    • DVD-ROM drive
    • USB Port
  • Internet Connection: Required for Cubase activation

Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  801-566-8800 Warranty:  1 Year

Review: Scott Submitted: 8/30/2016

Product Rating4 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


Well worth the money.
Product Rating

Product Review

While this unit is well worth the money, the distortions are way too scooped for my taste. I'm going to try adjusting the EQ a bit and see if I can dial it in.

Review: R.Kaplan Submitted: 4/8/2016

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


I love this thing

Product Review

The digitech RP-500 is my best perchase, this thing is just too cool!
AMS Responds:

Review: Mike F Submitted: 12/19/2015

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


great pedal board

Product Review

great pedal board still trying to learn how to use it but its built like a tank and seems easy enough to program

Review: John Culp Submitted: 5/20/2015

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer


amazing gadget#!!

Product Review

This unit is great out of the box. I have played guitar for over 30 years. The presets are a lot of fun! Can't wait to create some of my own, if I could stop playing with it long enough. A great buy. Love it!!!!.

Review: Mark B from Groveland, Ca USA, Submitted: 4/12/2014

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.

verified buyer



Review: Greg Burroughs from Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA Submitted: 10/13/2012

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


The Best Pedal of its Kind... Period

Just Got it today, after taking back a Boss GT1o that totally sucked. If you buy a Boss or anything else that you're disappointed in, or are thinking of "tweaking" so you'll get to like it eventually.. take it back! GET THIS!

So far so great.

Your general opinion of this product.

If you are reading and believing reviews of all the other units of this sort, just let me tell you this: I've been playing for 35 years, and I have never found anything this good in a floor unit.

Why do these fields keep asking me questions about a guitar? Oh well.. Here's what's BETTER about the RP500 than its competitors- 100 presets that already sound very good... but you also get 5 independent footswitches to alter each preset on the fly- Compression, Chorus, Distortion, Delay, and Reverb. No tweaking knobs with your hands, no lengthy "set-up" time (no set-up at all actually), and the Wah-Wah is footswitchable (on or off) no matter what setting you're on.

Why hasn't anybody done this before? The "tones" are all beautiful. You get a Satch preset that sounds like Joe, a Hendrix one, and AcDc one, an SRV one and many others- all of which are modifiable using the 5 footswitches. Amazing.

REALLY attractive product. It's black. It's heavy. It's metal. What else could you want?

Perfect. The most ready-to-use piece I've ever purchased- or at least it's tied with my Carvin CT6M California Carved Top.

Review: Jonathan N from Bloomfield Hills, MI Submitted: 10/11/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Works for Horn Players TOO!

Very well made, and so far is very dependable. The only thing missing is a battery-powered option, not that I would necessarily use it, but having the option would be nice.

No problems so far, I've only had it a month, but it is STURDY!

Your general opinion of this product.

I purchased the RP500 to use with my saxophone in live music settings. It works great most of the time. Some of the tones are too over-driven to use with a microphone, so I avoid those presets. The best thing to do is sit down with it, play around with the settings and create your own sound.

No problems with the playability or feel. The controls are smooth and intuitive.

Tone production is great. I can't use any of the amp modeling because I'm using the RP500 with a microphone, so I haven't been able to test that function, but everything else works great and sounds awesome!

Fit and finish are great!

Everything worked as it should.

Review: Mr. Montopolis from Largo, FL Submitted: 9/24/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


great bargain

It seems very dependable. As I mentioned, the adaptor burned out, but that was because I left it plugged in. This can happen to any adaptor. I bought a new adaptor and it's fine. Just unplug the adaptor when you're finished and you shouldn't have a problem.

The knobs do break off. I lost one the first gig i played with it. But that didn't matter to me at all because I program it with my computer. Do not leave the adaptor plugged in. It will burn out. A new one is like 20 bucks shipped. Other than that, I've had it for probably 6 or 8 months with no problems. Nothing changes once it's set. I trust it to work every time.

Your general opinion of this product.

This pedal is a great value. I would recommend it to anyone. Yes, the knobs are prone to break off (I've lost one already), but you're going to end up doing your presets on your computer anyway. So it really doesn't matter. I bought this on payments and it was well worth it.

Everything works pretty well. The only small complaint I have is that the wah is very easy to engage. It turns on when you reach the end of the travel of the expression pedal. It also turns back off just as easily, at which time it becomes a volume pedal. This can be a little difficult to wrangle in the heat of the moment. A person could probably learn to negotiate it effectively, but I mostly leave the pedal full volume and don't use the wah.

The metal tone is pretty thick. So you may have to do some EQing to get the guitar to sit in the live mix properly. But overall the tones are really cool.

The color is black and the back is a flat metallic color. The colors look tasteful.

You will probably want to set up your own banks, but the presets are a great jumping off point. In fact, I would just modify those to get the necessary sounds.

Review: Nathan Ryan from Boise, Submitted: 6/28/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.


Great for the price

Great! 1 1/2 years and it still works awesome.

No problems what-so-ever, besides the computer program that comes with it. It wont save what I make on it, but thats fine. Its a little more fun to tinker with the thing yourself.

Your general opinion of this product.

I needed something that would provide me with the effects that I wanted with the versatility to use only specific effects. This provided that for me. When I need that extra crunch, apply the distortion. Same with everything else. AND SO EVERYONE KNOWS, DOWNLOAD THE NEW FIRMWARE FROM DIGITECH WEBSITE FOR THE LOOPER!

A 2 year old could run this thing

Some of the effects sound awful, but when there are so many to choose from that sound great then who cares. Most of them do sound good though, expecially the delays...I love the delays

i got a B-side, and would not have known it. Still looks great after a year and a half of play

Ummmmm, its like Schwarzenegger in Predator type of actoin.

Review: Mark Shields from Corbin KY, Submitted: 6/23/2010

Product Rating5 out of 5 stars.



So far it feels good - if it goes down hill I will update later

just got it but I have had a few digitech processors and they do pretty good

Your general opinion of this product.

First, this is the B stock and while it came in a GNX2 box, I can't find a scratch, ding, blemish..anything, wrong with it.

it feels pretty heavy duty. It's not as heavy as the GNX3 I had but it's close.

this thing sounds really good. the models are close and sound pro.

it's grey and black like any digitech since the rp2000

this isn't a guitar but the foot switches are like the ones on an amp food switch..this has been a problem for me with my other digital pedals. it's eventually what killed my RP3 and the first thing that went wrong with my RP250.
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