Eden Nemesis NA320 Bass Guitar Amplifier Head

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    Product Description

    The Eden Nemesis NA320 bass amplifier features smooth, powerful FET sound in our first stand alone Nemesis amplifier. The NA320 comes with Eden's simple and effective Nemesis preamp structure from the NC Series Combos. Some features include, switchable compression, 3 band EQ, enhance, a semi parametric EQ section, headphones, DI with level control and an effects loop. All this and a two year Eden warranty as well.

    Eden Products - Why Eden?
    Eden loudspeaker enclosures and amplifiers are unique in the Bass amplification market for a number of reasons:

    Eden Electronics is able to blend together in their products a unique combination of disciplines and talents in mechanical engineering, applied physics, musical knowledge, nuances, and fine U.S.A. hand made craftsmanship to produce a truly marvelous and extremely musical product.

    There is actually a great deal of sonic magic in Eden speakers and enclosures as well as some of the most solid engineering in the industry. Because Eden designs and build their own loudspeakers and hi frequency devices, they can make exactly what they need for any given design. Eden designs and engineers all of the individual loudspeakers and all of the enclosures to work well with each other so that the synergy of the overall design is greater than the sum of the parts.

    Eden is the only company in the Bass Guitar amplifier market that has this capability. Building the raw drivers gives them tremendous flexibility in both design and manufacturing. More importantly, Eden has total control of the product quality and has internal control over the repair and service considerations. Eden products are designed to never be obsolete or unfixable.

    By using much tighter than normal industry standards, Eden is able to get higher performance and better sound quality out of their loudspeakers and hi frequency drivers.

    One of the amazing things about great sound quality and tone that good musicians understand inherently, but never really think about on a formal level, is the odd and interesting nuances that make up the unique sound characteristics of their favorite products. This applies to all kinds of things: Mics., Bass Guitars, Speakers, Strings, etc.

    Many years ago Eden investigated this and other psycho acoustic phenomena with a number of controlled listening tests. They used a wide variety of people - from expert musicians to people that had no knowledge of music. For one test they built two identical speaker systems and tweaked one to perfectly flat and neutral, with a minimum of dips and peaks. It was a bit louder than the other cabinet (+1 to 2 dB) because of that. The other cabinet they set up as we do most of their cabinets and voiced it to sound good to their ears. The flat cabinet clearly had superior specifications to the second ear voiced box. After running the listening tests they found, much to their initial surprise, that every one liked the uneven, slightly rougher version because it sounded more interesting. This is one of those strange psycho acoustic human factors that make this business so interesting and challenging. All the current wisdom says that everyone should have liked the flatter speaker, which was after all louder. In general listening tests people normally select the loudest speaker as the best sounding.

    The lesson that Eden learned from this is, it’s not what’s right about the sound that people like, it’s what’s not perfect; it’s the oddities and the unique colorations together with the little sonic mistakes that give great products their unique and special sound. You need to have the right sonic nuances or mistakes if you will. First you need to create those nuances and then you must be able to recreate them in production, time after time and year after year. It is this type consistency that is at the very heart of a world class product like the Eden David Series speakers.

    Building great loudspeaker systems is much more than just building great drivers. You also must have correctly matched hi performance enclosures for them to go into. For good quality bass response, you need to do several things with the enclosures. First of all, you have to use very good materials. AA void free solid core plywood is a must. The more common standard C & D cores allow for voids and patches inside the panel and over time these can come loose and rattle or just plain delaminate and fall apart. You must also build the enclosure very well. Precision Dado and Rabbet interlocking joints, special glues and a tremendous amount of bracing to insure that the enclosure is rigid at all of the frequencies of interest. All of that is before you even consider the design type and execution of the enclosure design which must also be very precise. The David Series enclosures are computer designed and then carefully hand tuned for maximum transient response and best overall output and performance.

    Eden World Tour Amplifiers
    Eden's overall design philosophy is that they treat the engineering and design of their bass guitar amplifiers very much like they are musical instruments. The amplifiers are voiced for certain effects and designed to work in a specific fashion with certain character choices that make it both so transparent enough that the natural sound of the bass comes through accurately and clearly and yet provides some warmth, in addition to having great tonality that enhances the overall sound quality of the entire system.

    Eden approaches the amplifier design from a solid P.A. power amp perspective. They do this by choosing characteristics that give superior performance and great musicality. By designing the amplifiers with proper head room they get a product with much better performance than what they can get from a guitar amplifier perspective. Here's an example; if you design a good guitar amplifier there are certain things you want - obviously good tone, solid sustain, good overload and saturation characteristics, careful power supply limitations for tone character as well as a good general tone envelope. In bass amplifier design they come from a different direction. We want lots of headroom, virtually no distortion in the amp, very high instantaneous output current ability, tight control of the speaker by the amplifier, much higher overall power levels, controlled system limiting, as well as very good tone body. In addition, Eden designs-in redundant safety protection in the amplifier design so that it can take care of itself in even the most abusive situations.

    They have chosen to go with a hybrid design style for the Eden products. Eden typically uses a vacuum tube (7025) for the front end followed by solid state signal processing and power outputs. This lets Eden use the great warmth, natural tone and compression characteristics of the tube preamplifier to define the overall tone characteristics of the amplifier and still deliver the high power, final amplification with highly reliable solid state devices rather than using the more expensive and less reliable hi power tube circuits.

    Eden amplifiers have many unique features that allow them to stand out far above the rest of the products offered in the market place. All the world tour amplifiers feature:

    • True international power supply designs with standard international IEC connections
    • One piece .090 aluminum chassis
    • Modular military style construction for high reliability and simple servicing
    • Torroid power transformers for high power to weight ratios and reliability

    Eden offers upgrades for most older product designs so that their products are never obsolete. They use very heavy duty special output devices that are extremely tough and handle abuse well. Overall, the World Tour Amplifiers are designed to be rock solid, reliable and simple to use and repair, while delivering killer tone and years of trouble free service.

    Built Eden Tough, part 2
    An amp once came in for repair with the knobs melted to the front panel and the output jacks melted down. It was the sole survivor of a home studio house fire. The guitars burned away to ash. Even after being burned in a full building fire and having additional water damage, that WT800 still works perfectly to full specifications. The owner was still gigging with the amp a couple months after the fire due to having to deal with the cost of the fire. He wanted Eden to spruce up the unit and get it looking good again.

    Product Specifications

    Eden Nemesis NA320 Specifications

    • Power: 320 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms
    • Distortion: <.1%
    • Frequency Response: 10Hz - 18KHz
    • Headroom: 3db
    • Dimensions: 16w x 3.5h x 10 inches d
    • Weight: 15 LBS.
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    Phone:  800-877-6863 Warranty:  2 Years Parts & Labor
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