Electro-Voice N/D868 Dynamic Cardioid Kick Drum Microphone

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    Product Description

    The Electro Voice ND868 Dynamic Bass Drum Microphone is optimized for miking a bass drum in both live and recording applications.
    The frequency response is tailored to match the optimal post-processing usually applied to flat microphones when used in this application. This means that the ND868 is a plug-in-and-hang-on product. You can use this microphone as is —no post processing needed. The microphone has a lower sensitivity than other products in the N/DYM line to compensate for the high sound pressure levels (SPL's) present in bass drums, preventing distortion at the input of the mixer. A highly effective hum-bucking coil is also used to cancel hum interference from lighting and other power sources.

    Electro Voice ND868 Features

    • Designed specifically for bass drums
    • Extended low-frequency response
    • Optimized sensitivity for high sound pressure levels (SPL's)
    • Rugged, steel construction

    The ND868 offers an adaptation of the traditional heart-shaped cardioid polar response for maximum rejection at the rear of the microphone when used outside the drum. Optimum performance is realized when the microphone is placed inside the drum approximately three inches from and pointed at the drum head. A common method for mounting a bass drum microphone is to place a pillow inside the drum with the microphone resting on the pillow. The pillow attenuates the low-mid frequencies of the drum, a desirable characteristic further enhanced by the ND868's tailored response. Attack and chest thump can be varied by adjusting the microphone's distance from the front head and its position relative to the beater.

    The ND868 has an extended low-frequency response. When used with very large monitor systems, it may be necessary to roll off the low frequencies below 100 Hz on the monitors to prevent a boomy sound.

    Product Specifications

    Electro Voice ND868 Specifications

    • Frequency Response: 20-10,000 Hz
    • Polar Pattern: Cardioid variant
    • Sensitivity, Open Circuit Voltage @ 1 kHz: 1 mV/pascal
    • Power Level @ 1 kHz: –51.7 dB (0 dB = 1 m W/pascal)
    • Dynamic Range: 140.3 dB
    • Equivalent Output Noise: 17 dB A weighted (0 dB = 0.00002 pascal)
    • Polarity: Positive pressure on diaphragm causes positive voltage on pin 2 ref. pin 3
    • Impedance: 150 ohms, balanced (low-Z)
    • Materials, Grille Screen: Memraflex
    • Finish: Nonreflecting black
    • Case: Steel
    • Accessories Included: 320 stand clamp, Soft zippered gig bag


    • Length: 132.6 mm (5.22 inches)
    • Diameter: 60 mm (2.36 inches)
    • Shank: 25.4 mm (1.0 inches)
    • Net Weight: 295 g (10.4 oz)
    • Shipping Weight: 750 g (26.5 oz)

    Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
    Phone:  800-553-5992 Warranty:  5 Years Non-Powered Speakers; 3 Years Powered Speakers; 3 Years Electronics; 3 Years Wired Microphones; 2 Years Wireless Microphones
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