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    Product Description

    The award-winning My Piano software was designed as a complete, engaging course of over 100 piano lessons for kids. Irma Irene Justicia, M.A., who has taught at the renowned Juilliard School of Music, and animated character Pam the Piano, teach music basics including rhythm, how to read piano sheet music, and play popular, easy piano songs.

    Learning how to play piano helps encourage a child’s self-discipline, confidence, and creativity. In fact, research proves that children who play music make friends more easily and excel at their schoolwork.

    Kids learn piano faster and easier with eMedia piano lesson software as they follow along with on-screen notation and the Animated Keyboard. Interactive Feedback technology points out any playing mistakes, shows what should have been played, and provides an overall score (optional MIDI keyboard required). In addition, the included music games for kids keeps them having fun as they learn.

    Beginner Piano Lessons for Kids - Music Games, Easy Piano Songs and eMedia Interactive Feedback Make Learning Fun!

    eMedia My Piano Software Features

    • Piano lesson videos with close-up and split-screen views to see the proper positions of both hands.
    • Tutorials on how to read piano sheet music by using easy piano songs that teach rhythm and note values.
    • Interactive Feedback gives kids feedback on notes and rhythms they played wrong and shows them what they should have played instead. There’s also an overall score to show them how well they did on the song (optional MIDI keyboard required).
    • Music games for kids that teach piano note names, clefs, tempo, rhythms, and more.
    • eMedia’s Animated Keyboard to make learning how to play piano easier by showing proper piano fingerings in real time.
    • Variable-speed piano accompaniments with which to play along help make practicing fun.
    • Great kids piano songs such as “Ode to Joy,” “Mary Had a Little Lamb,” “Humpty Dumpty,” “Jingle Bells,” and more
    • Piano lesson music can be played back as either recorded audio (full, piano-only or voice-only tracks) or as MIDI tracks which can be slowed down or sped up.
    • Selected sections of the music can be highlighted, looped, and slowed down for practicing tricky parts.
    • Integrated piano practice tools include a metronome and a recorder.
    My Piano was designed for today's kids who expect interactive experiences. So start your child out with eMedia’s beginner piano lessons for kids that teach them all the music basics in a fun, new way!
    Click for a larger view. Animated Keyboard
    The animated keyboard shows color-coded fingerings as the music plays so kids can easily follow along. Double-clicking on any chord or note will also show them where to put their fingers.
    Interactive Feedback
    When used with an optional MIDI keyboard, kids get instant feedback on notes and rhythms they played wrong and find out what they should have played instead. There's also an overall score to show them how well they did on the song.
    Click for a larger view.
    Click for a larger view. Full-motion videos
    The lessons are easy to follow with our large-format videos, featuring split-screens and close-ups that guide kids through songs and playing techniques.
    Interactive Games
    Games help children learn chords and songs by reviewing what they learned in the lessons. By interacting with the playful characters and scenes, kids will have fun while learning music!
    Click for a larger view.
    Click for a larger view. Metronome
    Kids can set their own tempo and get audio and/or visual cues for staying on beat so they can play in time with the music.
    The digital recorder allows kids to play into the computer’s built-in microphone (or an external one), record their performance, and save it to the computer. This handy tool lets them listen to what they played and share it with their family and friends.
    Emedia Recorder
    Contents summary

    I. Introduction, Rhythm, and Notes
    Welcome; introduction to pianos and keyboards; sitting position; hand position; numbering fingers; hopping up and down groups of black keys; the Up or Down Game; notes; rests; playing on black keys; Mary Had a Little Lamb; rhythm; clapping and counting; Go Tell Aunt Rhody; Au Clair de la Lune; Alouette; Li’l Liza Jane; the Counting Game; make up your own song.

    II. Introduction to Reading Notation, Landmark Notes, Steps
    Notes on the staff; treble and bass clefs; the grand staff; Clef Signs and Music Staff Game; find the notes on the keyboard; landmark notes (Middle C, F for the left hand, G for the right hand); The Landmark Note Game; new notes for the right hand; Up We Go to G Song; new notes for the left hand; Walking Up to C Song; the middle C position; steps; the Treble Clef Notes Game; time signatures, measures and bar lines; Stepping Tune in 4/4 Time; Stepping Waltz in 3/4 Time; Ode to Joy; The Up or Down Stepping Game

    III. Clef Exercises, Skips, Repeated Notes
    Names of notes; treble clef exercises; bass clef exercises; Alouette; the Bass Clef Notes Game; skips; Skipping Tune; Skip and Hop Tune; Wedding March; the Up or Down Skipping Game; repeated notes; Surprise Symphony; Humpty Dumpty; Steps, Skips or Repeated Notes Game; Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star; Pop! Goes the Weasel

    IV. Tempo, Dynamics
    Tempo Markings; Good Morning to You!; clap and count tied notes; Minuet; Slower or Faster? Game; Red River Valley; clap and count eighth notes; Home on the Range; What Tempo is This? Game; Give My Regards to Broadway; dynamic signs; playing Forte and Piano; When the Saints Go Marching In; playing crescendo and diminuendo; Long, Long Ago; O Come All Ye Faithful; What Dynamic is This? Game

    V. Melody, Harmony, Accompaniment
    Melody; harmony; playing songs with accompaniment; New World Symphony; Surprise Symphony; Entr’acte from Rosamunde; Cathedral Bells; Softer or Louder? Game; Jolly Old St. Nicholas; Dreydel; In the Evening by the Moonlight; What Note is This? All Notes! Game; Amazing Grace; Jingle Bells; La Donna è Mobile

    Product Specifications
    eMedia My Piano Software System Requirements

    • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • CD-ROM or Download
    Macintosh®: Mac
    • OS X 10.4 or later
    • CD-ROM or Download
    (Internet connection recommended for online activation.)
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