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    Product Description

    Musitek SmartScore X2 MIDI Edition Software represents a revolutionary departure in music scanning technology. In addition to recognizing and reconstructing nearly any scanned musical score or PDF file with astonishing thoroughness and accuracy, it is also one of the easiest music-writing solutions available. Powerful and useful tools are never more than a button away. Complete layout control is at your fingertips. Change staff and system heights, horizontal and vertical margins, line spacing and note size simply by dragging control tabs. Center, offset and unify score layout with a single click. No other program handles scanned-in music so accurately, so simply and completely as SmartScore X2. Other than the human artist, nothing applies so much nuance and realism to the performance of printed sheet music.

    What's new in SmartScore X2? Start with astonishingly accurate recognition of standard notation, text/lyric, dynamic/tempo markings. Codas, jumps, repeats and numbered endings all playback with uncanny accuracy. How about multi-staff tablature and percussion part recognition with its elegant new TAB editor? SmartScore X2 brings a new standard of usability and logic with support for 2, 3 and 4-voice counterpoint.

    Musitek SmartScore X2 MIDI Edition Software Features:

    • Improved recognition of musical symbols, especially on poorly-printed scores and from scanners with less-than-optimum optics
    • Improved text, lyric and number recognition (OCR)
    • Garritan sound library and Aria player now included free
    • Improved CD burning and .WAV/.AIF recording with Garritan sounds
    • Change instrument sounds anywhere in the ENF notation view window
    • Simplified menu layouts
    • Improved page layout and printing controls
    • Improved scanning interface works with more scanners
    • Karaoke view displays both moving lyrics and moving notation
    • Ability to export as PDF
    • Professional Scoring Software

    Drum Patterns
    Assign MIDI or Garritan instrument sounds (included free). Control Playback parameters in the Playback Console or Garritan Aria player. Full transport controls (mute, solo, volume, pan and transpose pitch). Add one of 40 preset drum patterns or create and store your own MIDI-based drum pattern.

    Properties Tool
    Change playback properties of hairpins, dynamic marks, legatos, trills and other symbols. Apply change to a single object or to all similar symbols. Store customized changes to symbols as new default for future SmartScore files.

    MIDI Sequencer
    Playback and edit your scanned music in standard notation environment (comparing the original to the recognized version). Or visualize, edit and play back in the familiar MIDI sequencing environment. Includes Piano Roll, Overview and Event List views.

    Two-way notation-to-MIDI-to-notation editing
    Visualize and edit underlying MIDI structure. MIDI editors are fully integrated with the music notation editor. Velocity and Tempo graphical controllers allow for smooth dynamic shading. Edits made in one screen are automatically updated in the other.

    Import and transform MIDI files to music notation
    Import quantized MIDI files (Type 1 or 0) and convert to standard musical notation.

    Scan and play directly in SmartScore. Save as Type 1 or Type 0 MIDI files for export into any MIDI sequencer or DAW application.. Burn voices, parts or entire scores to CD audio using quality Garritan sounds.

    Garritan Sound Library
    SmartScore X2 includes a large subset of Garritan jazz, pop, and orchestral instrument sounds. Garritan sounds are state-of-art digitally sampled sound libraries that realistically reproduce musical instruments in performance. Garritan sounds are carefully recorded samples of actual musical instruments. They are not electronically synthesized.

    More X2 Info
    Scan, Play, Transpose & Print! There is no faster way to get printed sheet music into your computer and there is no simpler way to capture, transpose, play back, edit, transform and export music back out. SmartScore's SmartScan interface operates with almost any scanner and adjusts each setting automatically. No guesswork or expertise required. SmartScore X2 recognizes more musical symbols more accurately and more quickly than any other music-scanning software. Songbooks, band arrangements, lead sheets, operas, hymnals, musicals, orchestral parts and conductor's scores appear on-screen in editable and playable form within seconds after scanning. Nuances written into scores are accurately captured resulting in astonishing playback realism. Output to Finale, Sibelius, MusicXML, PDF, MIDI and audio (.WAV) file formats. Nearly any PDF file is accurately recognized, including those optimized for the web.

    Used by students, hobbyists, arrangers, copyists, music ministers and educators worldwide, SmartScore is a complete music software solution, not just half of it. From scanning, recognition and playback to editing, scoring, layout and print control, SmartScore X2 stands apart as the only fully integrated music-processing tool.

    Imagine a professional-grade scorewriter with the world's most accurate music-scanning engine at its core and enough intelligence built-in that no degree is required to use it.

    Product Specifications
    Musitek SmartScore X2 MIDI Edition Software Specifications:

    System requirements

    • Pentium 1 (or faster)
    • Windows 200x/XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8
    • 1 GB RAM, CD-ROM

    • G3 (or faster)
    • MacOS X 10.4 or later
    • 1 GB RAM, CD-ROM

    Garritan Sound List for SmartScore X2
    • Keyboards
    • Concert Grand Piano
    • Harpsichord
    • Pipe Organ Baroque
    • Vintage Electric Piano
    • Woodwinds
    • Flute Solo
    • Flute Section
    • Piccolo Solo
    • Oboe Solo
    • Bb Clarinet Solo
    • Bassoon Solo
    • Alto Sax
    • Alto Sax Section
    • Tenor Sax
    • Bari Sax
    • Recorder
    • Brass
    • French Horn Solo
    • French Horn Section
    • Trumpet Solo
    • Trumpet Section
    • Trombone Solo
    • Trombone Section
    • Euphonium Solo
    • Tuba Solo
    • Orchestral Strings
    • Violin Solo
    • Violins Section
    • Viola Solo
    • Violas Section
    • Cello Solo
    • Cellos Section
    • Dbl Bass Solo
    • Basses Section
    • Full Strings Pizzicato
    • Orchestral Percussion
    • Basic Orch Percussion
    • Marimba
    • Glockenspiel
    • Xylophone
    • Vibraphone
    • Timpani
    • Rock/Pop/World
    • Acoustic Guitar
    • Electric Guitar
    • Fusion Drum Kit
    • Upright Bass
    • Jazz Fretted Bass
    • Vocal
    • Choir Oohs
    • Choir Ahhs
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