Providence BDI-1 Brick Drive Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal

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    Product Description

    With the carefully selected components parts and circuit structure specifically designed for bass, the BDI-1 Brick Drive from Providence provides incredible expression and tonal options with low noise. The internal operating voltage is boosted to 21V to achieve more dynamic range.

    Mix Control
    By mixing the drive sound and clean sound through the preamp EQ, it transforms and adds nuance to the overdriven sound. Even when it's heavily driven, the bottom end and fullness of the sound will be intact by adding the unaffected clean sound via the mix knob. Also, adding just a little but of drive gain to the clean sound gives a huge, thick, wall of bass style sound. The mix control allows you to create a variety of sound settings from a bit of edge to full out aggressive distortion The drive gain was designed to be used with the clean sound and blend it together, or wild full out distortion sound without the usual muddy bottom end.

    EQ Section

    The EQ section was designed based on the Dual Bass Station's circuit, Treble, Mid, Bass and we've added Presence control for even more control over your tone. Presence controls the harmonics and sharpens the contour of the sound.

    DI Out
    Loaded with the balanced out for more flexibility in both live and recordingenvironments. The Ground lift switch prevents ground loop noise from other units.

    Bypass/Mute switch
    The mini toggle switch selects the mode when the pedal is bypassed. When the Bypass mode is selected, it delivers direct sound that bypasses the Vitalizer B circuit. Mute mode is ideal to be used when the player switches or tunes instruments.

    Product Specifications
    Providence BDI-1 Brick Drive Bass Guitar Preamp Pedal Specifications
    • Controls: Clean Level, Drive Level, Mix, Drive Gain, Bass, Mid, Mid Freq, Treble, Presence, Bypass/Mute Mode Sw, Bypass/Mute-Off Sw, Clean-Drive Sw, Gnd Lift Sw
    • Connectors: Standard 1/4-inch Phone Jack(In, Out, Vz Thru), Xlr Type(Di Out), Dc12v Input
    • Power Supply: Supplied AC adaptor(PAP-712DCJ for North America and Japan,PAP-712DCE for Europe, PAP-712DCU for UK)
    • Power consumption: DC12V 80mA
    • Weight: Approx. 380g

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