Eminence KappaPro 15LF2 15 Inch PA Speaker 600 Watts

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Product Description

The Eminence Kappa Pro 15 is great for all high power bass applications including bass guitar. The Kappa Pro 15 has a 3 inch copper voice coil, 120 oz. ferrite magnet, vented and extended core, paper cone with cloth edge and a paper dust cap. Eminence LF models are specially designed with extended Xmax to deliver more bass than standard models and provide 'a true woofer' for three-way applications.

This unit has been specially designed to give a clean extended bass response in ported cabinets of approx. 110 liters (3.9 cubic ft). An ideal speaker for portable high power P.A. and club music systems. Available in 8 ohms and features a 600 watt rating.

Materials of Construction

  • Copper voice coil
  • Polyimide former
  • Ferrite Magnet
  • Vented and extended core for increased power- handling
  • Die-cast aluminum basket for rigidity
  • Paper cone
  • Cloth cone edge
  • Solid composition paper dust cap
The Value of Eminence
Eminence wants to make sure their customers know exactly what they are getting when they buy a speaker. Therefore, Eminence provides two different ratings to describe the power handling of all their speakers.

Watts - The guaranteed long term power rating throughout the useable frequency range of the speaker.
    Translation: the speaker will operate continuously at any frequency within the speakers’ specified frequency range when driven at this power. The Watts rating is similar to RMS, but is really more indicative of long term thermal capability.
Music Program - The speaker will safely and reliably handle the varying frequencies of musical content at this power rating.
    The Music Program rating is more indicative of what you can expect in the real world with the speaker operating within the appropriate enclosure reproducing music or vocal audio program.
Eminence is committed to quality and guarantees all of its speakers for 7 years.
They build all of their speakers to greatly exceed customer performance expectations. Dollar for dollar against competitors, an Eminence speaker is well worth the money that you invest!

How a Speaker Works
The key working components of a loudspeaker are shown in the diagram below. When an electrical current passes through a wire coil (the voice coil) in a magnetic field, it produces a force which varies with the current applied. The cone, connected to the voice coil, moves in and out, creating waves of high and low air pressure.

The coil and magnet assembly are the 'motor structure' of the loudspeaker. The movement is controlled by the loudspeaker's suspension which comprises the cone surround and the 'spider'. The surround and spider allow the coil to move freely along the axis of the magnet's core (or 'pole') without touching the sides of the magnetic gap.

Eminence technology and proprietary materials mean that age-old compromises of durability against sensitivity, or power handling against precision of response, are more easily solved than you might imagine.


Heatsinks: In the quest for higher power density (more power and hence more sound from less space), Eminence has progressively introduced heatsink components to selected transducers e.g. cast frame neodymium products and Kilomax. The heatsinks pass through the pole of the transducer or are incorporated into the chassis of the loudspeaker to transfer heat away from the coil. The air currents caused by the cone movement cool the heatsink.

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Helpful Info about the Manufacturer
Phone:  502-845-5622 Warranty:  Warranty: 7 years

Product Specifications

Product Specifications

Eminence Kappa Pro 15 inch Replacement Speaker Specifications

  • Model: Kappa Pro 15LF-2
  • Nominal Basket Diameter: 15 inches (381mm)
  • Impedance: 8 ohms
  • Power Rating: 600 watts
  • Resonance: 35Hz
  • Usable Frequency Range: 38Hz - 1.8kHz
  • Magnet Weight: 120oz
  • Gap Height: 0.37 inches (9.5mm)
  • Voice Coil Diameter: 3.0 inches (76mm)
Mounting Information
  • Recommended Enclosure Volume (vented): 2.7 - 5.8 cubic ft (76.5 - 164 liters)
  • Overall Diameter: 15.21 inches (386.3mm)
  • Baffle Hole Diameter: 14.0 inches (355.6mm)
  • Front Sealing Gasket: Fitted as standard
  • Rear Sealing Gasket: Fitted as standard
  • Mounting Holes Diameter: 0.28 inches, (7.1mm)
  • Mounting Holes B.C.D.: 14.56 inches (369.8mm)
  • Depth: 6.57 inches (166.9mm)
  • Shipping Weight: 24.8 lbs (11.25 kg)

Customer Reviews

Eddie Submitted: 9/8/2018
Product Rating
Well worth the money
Product Rating
What is your opinion of this product?
Bought this and a set of 10” speakers of the same type to replace bass cabinet speakers. Awesome American made product sounds amazing
RON AUSTIN from MASTIC BEACH , NY, anonmyous40936 Submitted: 2/17/2011
Product Rating

bamboococonut from Washington State Submitted: 7/2/2009
Product Rating

more bang for the buck
No issues for quality. Cast frame for years of dependability. copper wound voice coil is pretty much the standard. Received product in a well packed box.
Compared to the high-end JBeL's and EVe's line the output is amazing. At 600W continuos the same as the 15' 2226 VG I personally believe this comes very close to it. Especially if you want a hard kick bass driver. JBeL's would burn if you run in a horn-type enclosure.
just plug and play (do your home work if you building horn speakers).
I was looking for a horn bass driver (band-pass, one section sealed) for that really hard bass kick. Done some research from U.K. websites and ended up with Eminence Kappa as the winner for quality, sound and value. Tried the horn subs with amazing tone and sound. people asked if I was running Sherwins or JBeL's. I was proud to say it's Eminence.


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